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May 19, 2009


Here's a blurry taken-from-the-car CrapCam photo of one of the neighborhood peacocks. He didn't show us his full foliage, because he saves that to wow the female peacocks, and despite having a tiny head he figured out that our car is not one of them.



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Maybe you could try to wow him with your plummage Dave?

Peacocks always sound like they're yelling "Help!"

Now I know it's because of Dave's erratic driving.

Do you think Darwin God gave them hugemungo plumage because he gave them pea cocks?

Punkin, come in for supper and let the normal kids play.

* Pictures Dave WOWing shecocks with 'full foliage' *

Just be glad you don't have any of these.

* Keep it blurry, please *

foliage? peacocks has foliage!?!?

remembers neighbors "in the city" who kept peacocks. briefly. they sound too much like female crime victims for long term keeping.

LOL @ BFF's 'pea cocks'!

A neighbor...a mile away in my 'hood...has white peacocks. Beautiful and noisy birds.

Currently on the Peacock Network...Olivia Taylor's actress as a special victim.

"female peacock" = "peahen"

It looks like it's thinking, "Hey! There's Dave Barry! Boogers!"

Tough times @ NBC?

Peacock pacification.

The bot ate the linky; here's attempt #2 and the URL:



A defoliated peacock?

Punkin,dear,were you in the sauce?

No sauce, Ron.....just lack of sleep. :)

Five minutes of beauty do not overcome the hours and hours of skreeching! ARRRG!!!

Can you say Peacock McNuggets?

Well this bird is certainly not impressed with bangs.

They were the city bird where I grew up, so you couldn't shoo them off their favorite sleeping place, a still-warm car hood. In the 80-90's the "harassment" ticket was $250; I shudder to think what it is now.

Thanks to Richard the Weasel-Hearted for correctly identifying the female of the species as a peahen. That is all...

Brian, I've been told they're lousy as game meat... Kind of stringy, kind of plastic-y, kind of... well, not good eating... (I've been told...)

frodo - you're thinking of lawn flamingos.

Cool. Miami is like living in a dangerous zoo.

You have no idea Margaritaville, no idea.

Last night I freaked out at about 3am. I was in bed, alone, and asleep. I suddenly awoke to the sensation of something crawling up my leg. Unfortunately it wasn't Mira Sorvino, but I digress. I jumped up, flung the covers back, and turned on the lights only to see a little beastie run to the foot of the bed and bury itself farther into the linens.

Now as has been discussed here previously, and one who has lived in SoFla for a decade or three, I know the difference between a brown anole and my elbow. So after a second or two to get my heart rate under 200, I attacked the bed to get him out. I got him in a towel and out the door in about 5 minutes.

As the popular saying goes,
"The Rules Are Different Here".

Brian -- eeewwww, this is the reason why we stay in the frozen North -- but then we have the mosquitoes anyway, sigh...

Well, Brian, you can take comfort in the fact that in Miami it could have been something waaaay worse. I'm sure you scared him as much as he scared you.

True Dat MVille.

Everyone here knows that they don't hurt anything, they're just a pain when they get in the house and they can pop up when you least expect.

Now as far as some of the people who live here...that's another story.

Miami has not only great beaches, but amazing wildlife too!

That's why I love Florida, because you can see birds like peacocks in your neighborhood!

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