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May 20, 2009


Woman loses tooth, gets hand stuck in Mets toilet

Key Quote: It's unclear if the toilet had to be destroyed to free her.

(Thanks to Cheryl Howard, Siouxie, Andrew Hoenig and Martini Shark. And Danny and oneblankspace. And Emily J.)


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I wonder if the line to the women's restrooms was longer because of reduced capacity or shorter because a New Yorker was screaming.

It should be noted that this did not happen in Florida.. This time.

Har @ "...bizarre Flushing adventure!"

As she exited the bathroom, an onlooker commented, "You look flushed."

ALRIGHT!!! The Braves WON!!! I mean, what a terrible thing to happen to this poor woman. I'm not a New Yorker but I have a feeling, from what I've read, that a screaming New Yorker would not be a rare thing Not my U. I'm surprised they didn't kick the door and tell her to shut up and hurry up.

YAY! I got posted!

Most expensive seat in the house.

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