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May 21, 2009


Do your part for Roanoke Earthquake Relief.

(Thanks to jon harris)


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I moved to the Roanoke area from the Philippines which had many, bad earthquakes. I don't remember any in that area. Ten's of dollars? I'm sure the government will bail them out.

I like it. Nice to see someone has a sense of humor these days.

I plan to do my best at doing nothing. It's the least I can not do.

We need to stage a telethon with Willie Nelson, if he is still alive.

I think I remember seeing one bit of video of a piece of cracked pavement!
Much ado about nothing -- par for the course in Roanoke.

This is the first major test of FEMA under Obama.

Was this the one that caused the 3 millimeter tsunami?

I've been to Roanoke. An earthquake might be an improvement.

Nothing beats a worthy cause.

My small Nebraska town had an earthquake about that size back in '96 (geez, phrases like that don't make me sound old or anything, do they?). We sold t-shirts, too, raising money for the kids' softball program. The shirts read, "I survived the earthquake of 1996." But back in those days, we didn't have none of that high-tech stuff like webpages and such. We could have made tens of dollars.

Roanoke. Shaking up Virginia.

We need to know how much of this is going to moonshiners for still repair.

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