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May 26, 2009


Boat flies out of Square Pond, lands in trees

(Thanks to Ralph and DjTonyB)


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What does the shape of the pond have to do with the story?

Makes you wonder what happened to the guy that was parasailing.

Sounds like they got high in a boat.

"Hold my beer and watch this."

Never try to fit a round @sshole in a Square Pond.

If Boat flies are anything like Black flies, Square Pond is lucky to be rid of them.

Eyah, you know how those Massachusetts folk are.

Boston drivers.

Spongebob done failed his drivin' test agin...

Why do they always blame alcohol? It could have been a faulty boat!

Or another Mythbusters experiment gone wrong.

In other news, authorities say someone from Connecticut got poison ivy.

There is no parking in the upper canopy zone.

Of course they call it Square Pond. This is Shape-leigh we are talking about here.

Dave, I thought you copyrighted "Alcohol may have been involved"!!! Can't you sue them?

That's why they're called Massholes up here in nothern New England

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