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April 24, 2009



(Thanks to catmanmax)


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His Noodly Appendage! *genuflects*

This actually sounds good. I'll try to cook it tomorrow with spaghetti souse.

Seems like a lot of work threading a tasteless product into a bland product - like Lindsay Lohan guest starring on "Celebrity Apprentice" on your plate.

Oh wow. Cthulhu franks.

I would just like to point out that "Tentacled Meat" wbagnfarb.

Damn. As soon as I saw the picture, I was going to make some "Noodly Appendage" remark, think myself so clever, but there it is already - and the first post to boot.

= ^ (

I think I saw your many-tentacled meat prongs for rent in the back room of my video store.

Then we put them in a bun with the tentacles hanging out both ends. Skeweredogs anyone?

hah! It does look like the spaguetti monster lol

Coming soon from Larry Flynt productions: Tentacled Meat starring Octomom and her clown car vajayjay.

Key Quote from the Lead Stud: No, it's not like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.

Spaghetti is not bland. Unless you're buying the cheap store brand made from recycled cardboard. Good quality pasta is pretty darn tasty.

Kosher dogs (not the Weinermobile type) are pretty tasty, too.

you have to follow the link in the article to 'this is why you are fat' to see the other disgusting foods that people actually eat!

I won't eat that...!

Love is a many tentacled thing.

Linguini Weenies!

The only practical use of this I can see would be in getting bored kids to eat....

Because they will eat anything that looks disgusting....

I'll go with you on that Wire, but if I'm buying quality dogs and gourmet pasta I'd rather spend the cash on steak.

That is cool! I've gotta see if my nephews will go for that.

Waiter,there's an angel hair in my weiner.

So much for lunch. I agree with Sharkie. Give me a porterhouse off the grill any day. Last time I agreed with Sharkie the bot broke.

I could see all sorts of variations on this ... spearing hot dog chunks with penne, or screwing in rotini, or using one or just a couple of sticks of fettuccine instead of the spaghetti ... Of course you could use other types of sausages besides hot dogs ... hmmm. interesting.

Not that I'd EAT it. But interesting.

*snork* @ CJ!

CJ, you have to be cunning to prepare linguini weenies properly. *G* I'd suggest the official Trek titanium spork...

absolutely, clark, which is exactly why we'll be making these for dinner. and quite possible breakfast.

They're edible Sentinels, from the Matrix!

Wouldn't the inside portion of the noodle, shielded as it is from water, stay tooth-breakingly crunchy? Did anyone think this through? Should I even bother asking?

thread the spaghetti through the frankfurter while it's still dry and hard

I couldn't bring myself to buy dry, hard frankfurters.

Looks like some catastrophic Star Trek transporter malfunction.

snork @ ron way up there.

Wouldn't the inside portion of the noodle, shielded as it is from water, stay tooth-breakingly crunchy? Did anyone think this through? Should I even bother asking?

Posted by: Elon Weintraub | April 24, 2009 at 04:40 PM

Somebody with kids guinea pig this for me? I can see "coolest aunt" potential written all over this idea :-)

And not one person said the obvious... ("that picture makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit...")

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