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April 27, 2009


Because the ballet supports us.


(Thanks to Larry Fern)


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Better late than never

Guess we don't have to ask where the other hand is, huh?

Merry Christmas, everybody!

I never really understood ballet, nor time-travel movies. This is hopeless in my case.

A loophole in the IRS filing deadline. Who says that ballet is not important in our everyday lives?

Wow. Am I really the only one that saw this and thought of the woman's hand reaching up to Dave and not the date mess up?

*must clean out gutter brain*

no, you're not.

There's a date mess up?

There's a date?

Whew! Thanks, judi. I thunk that was what the whole "supports us" thing was about.

So now we know that Dave is actually wearing tights behind that sign.

Who knew screengrabs could be such fun?

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