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April 20, 2009


"She was so excited she teared up," Bruce said.

(Thanks to Nancy Worley and Jeff Meyerson)


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Yeehaw. She gets to pluck it on her wedding day.

And I thought the "Twilight" series was being ridiculous when Bella went hunting in a cocktail dress. Shows you how much I know.

The camo boots with the wedding dress are really a fashion faus paux. Come to think of it I cried on my honeymoon too but for completely different reasons. I stopped shortly after the divorce.

The photo does not do that dress justice. You cannot smell the racoon urine she sprayed on it to mask herself in the blind.

Now that's a shotgun wedding!

Hey, if it is their thing, why not?

So a jake is smaller than a tom? larger? a different flavor of turkey?

Non-hunters want to know.

Hold my beer and watch this, honey!

He better be REALLY, REALLY nice to his wife - she has good aim.

"The turkey never new the newlyweds were in the woods."

Maybe the happy couple was knew to the english language? Who gnu?

Hey that's some bird. The turkey is pretty good as well.

*High-fives Cheesewiz, my fellow language cop*

...and about 10 minutes after that Rene had a 17-pound jake with a 4-inch beard on the ground.

An open marriage, it seems.

Not to be a total handbag but this honeymoon sounds like an idea a guy would have for him and his hostage.

A "beard"? Somebody is homosexual?...

Oneblank - A Jake is a young Tom. Among turkey hunters, the trophy animal is the Tom with the longest beard. That's the red fleshy part that dangles down below the beak.

I don't hunt them, but among hunters, turkey is considered the most difficult game to bag in North America. They're considered "big game", as opposed to small game like rabbit and squirrel.

Y'know, match this girl up with the beauty contest winner that skinned muskrats and Sarah Palin, and the Country Music Channel would have an answer to "The View."

A big ol' Monday snork@padraig.

pogo's acting smart again. How are the Border Collies? Working hard?

Thanks cheesy, and I snork right back in your direction just on general principle.

Actually Pogo, the beard is an actual hairy growth that comes through the feathers about 6 inches below the turkey's head, in the center of its chestal area. It looks like a bad, misplaced goatee, like if ZZ Top was a turkey. Usually a turkey beard is around 4-7 inches long.

Did they ever get around to stuffing?

Hopefully later that night, Meanie.

"shed antlers"? Wow. Yet another homeowner worry. 'Scuse me while I go out and check my sheds.

"After getting off the plane from Jamaica in Atlanta.... They got in their car - where they had stashed guns, calls and camo...."
Airport security strikes out again.

Well, no... that's not in the least bit intimidating.

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