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April 23, 2009


A giant radioactive space blob.

(Thanks to Mr. Ridley Pearson, Siouxie and Dr. Doug)


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Steve McQueen will take care of it.

Let's all blame cosmic warming.

Rush Limbaugh went into space?


Wow. I proudly share this post with Ridley!! (ok with Doug too ;-P)

"More formally, they named it Himiko, after a legendary ancient Japanese queen."

There could be more than one meaning here, NTTAWWT.

Horace stole my answer! No fair. My second thought was a little windex on the telescope lens might erase this blob. Congrat's Siouxie for sharing this post with Ridley Pearson. How cool is that? And Doug too.

Is this a bigger mass of noxious gasses than what is broadcast on MSNBC?

Maybe some alien child just fell for her dad's cosmic game of "pull my finger".

Sharkie, that is totally impossible.

"Often a puzzle leads to a breakthrough. My nose tells me that this object is rather special."

My nose usually informs me about gas, too. It rarely tells me it's "special", though.

"It was gaseous, big, and emitted a certain type of radiation."
Sorry, sauerkraut does that to me.

They named a gassy blob after Himiko, a legendary ancient Japanese queen? They're going to get a visit from an irate Japanese ambassador

And then there is this related item: Why Our Galaxy Tastes Like Raspberries and Smells Like Rum. It might be the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, too.

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