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April 23, 2009


Iranian snipers.


(Thanks to Ralph)


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Somebody alert Tim the Yowie Man, because Yowies now have assault weapons.

They resemble the swamp thingy that starred in one episode of The Nightstalker.

that you, cousin Itt?

Ha! I just met the actor who played Cousin Itt at a convention a couple of weeks ago...

O..... M..... G

But my reaction to the photo is: GET A HAIRCUT, YA DAMN HIPPIES!

Also: Where's Adrienne Barbeau?

Those must be the female snipers.


So, isn't it, like, 178 degrees in Iran? I'm sure the snipers will be comfy in their fuzzy coats.

(You can find them because they'll be lying under sprinklers)

Allen, you are such a nerd! I met the American Werewolf(David Naughton) at one ;-P (ok..it was a Horror film convention).

Siouxie, are you a Pepper, too?

KASHYYYK -- A new Wookiee defense force made its first public appearance today...

Ugh. Not a Pepper...but loved his "Making It" disco song ;-P

Are they there to enforce Sharia law, or Ape law?

These could also work as winter burqas.

Those must be the reject snipers since they are carrying AK-47s, which are not very accurate.

They must be smoking themselves over there.

They don't want the goats to see them coming.

Over Heard in Terhan OHIT

"Somebody's been watching a bit too much of Star Wars"

Is this the Iranian version of the Chia Pet?

Doesn't make for a great action film when our soldiers defeat the Iranian infantry by hosing them down with RoundUp weed killer.

A Ghillie suit is a Ghillie suit, no matter who's wearing it. (And one can be yours for the low, low price of about $100.)

And they better hope those suits work really well, because they won't be sniping much of anything besides the broad side of a barn out beyond ~300 yards using an AK with a 40-round banana mag.

Those must be the reject snipers since they are carrying AK-47s, which are not very accurate.
Those Wookies are our glorious Iranian snipers, Snarky, they don't no steenking godless sniper rifles. If Allah wills it, the infidel target will go down...

Besides the AK-47s, does anyone else see the oddity of bushy woodland Ghillie suits in the desert?

Curiously, the "How not to be seen" skit is running through my head.


It must be like seaweed on the beach at low tide.

Also: Where's Adrienne Barbeau?

She is there. She stopped shaving.

Those ghille suits might explain the many sitings of Big Foot in the South.

Chris I think 300 is a stretch with an AK. More like 100 yards with no wind.

AK-47 are a weapon of choice because they can be (and are) dropped, slammed, dirty, greasy, and soaked--and still work. One of the closest-to-idiotproof guns ever made, which is why they're popular in lands of idiots.

Never looked better. Just don't let them get in the way of the Lawn Rangers. Dead clippings.

What do you call a pissed off Wookie with an Ak-47?


you all are fool
they are simple soldiers.persian snipers use svd and they are very smart , fast , skilled and they can hide very easy and nobody can find them.


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