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April 23, 2009


Bomb Squad Detonates Suspicious Bag, Finds Feces

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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They should have lighted it on fire and run.

"What an amazing smell you've discovered, Princess!"

it was from that kindergarten teacher...

Sounds like it was a WOOT Bag O' Crap.

Yet another example of how men just like to blow sh!t up.

The bomb squad shoulda been suspicious when the perps rang their doorbell first.

I've always heard about dirty bombs. This one takes the turd.

So now instead of setting the bag of poop on fire and running, we're supposed to attach a timing device and run?

This stuff is getting expensive. May have to get a new hobby.

And a note: "Your child left this turd on my classroom floor."

Anyone with information is asked to call CrapStoppers immediately.

And the investigation's still open?

WTF!? Why? Seems like a pretty open and blown-up case.

They're probably pissed that someone got s--t all over the inside of their bomb "disposer".

I've been called many things (including "full of s#!t" but never a "suspicious bag".

*sneaks ) up*

Hey, I been lookin all over for that...!

I bet now they wish they had a catapult.

Bomb squad's spouse who is a kindergarten teacher; "How was your day?"
Bomb squad: "Pretty crappy. Yours?"
Spouse; "Same."

You'd think they'd have known when the bomb sniffing dog went crazy, p!$$ed on it, then tried to eat it.

Obviously the work of "terrorists".

I sure hope they had the sense to put it on somebody's doorstep first!

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