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April 12, 2009


In Sophie's magazine, the Rice Krispies chick looks like this:


Here it is in Reality:




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think of it this way...if it looked as cute as the picture, you couldn't eat it!

You guys were lucky. Ours came out like this.

I like the reality chick. It looks like it has a little blue and pink 'stache.

I think it's cute. Anybody can make it look like the one in the picture but the one you make is one of a kind. That's what I've always told my kids. We put a gingerbread house together one year at Christmas and ended up using Elmers glue to keep it from falling apart.

Someone told me that Elmer's glue tastes just like chicken...

We just take all that colored stuff and press it in a rectangular pan then cut it in small squares and eat it.

Awwwww.. probably done by Sophie herself...


I once made a birthday cake from Woman's Day magazine for my then-6-year-old daughter. It was a beach scene, complete with blue water (Jell-O™), sea life (Pepperidge Farm™ goldfish), and bathing beauties playing volleyball (Teddy Grahams™ wearing candy bikinis).

It was supposed to look something like this.

It didn't.

But it was blue.

They don't ask me to make cakes anymore.

When my kids realized a project would never look like the picture they just decided to go the Picasso route.

Cat I tried to make that same cake! I thought, "How hard can it be?" After seeing my effort I realized it can be pretty hard. My teddy grahams looked like they wanted to drown themselves and some of the goldfish looked like they were belly up. I just go to the bakery now.

Gee, Sophie had a lot of Rice Krispies left over... If I were to make up that recipe, I'd have been nibblin' before it was done. When it WAS done, my chick would'a looked like this: o

just sayin' that girl's got some self-discipline.

*sympathysnork* at nursecindy!

Wasn't that blue Jell-o™ horrid? LOL

It was awful Cat. You know now that I think about it I never had to ask the kids not to eat our creations all at once.

It looks a bit like Yosemite Sam don't you think?

I always felt guilty for not making that beach cake, cause my daughter wanted it. I was suspicious, knowing my abilities, that it would look like a typhoon hit it. Reading the testimonials here, I'm glad I used my better judgement. ;)

Love the Easter Hamster. And that link meanie posted made me think of jabba the hut. lol

I never did attempt to make any of those creative food projects. I knew better. ALWAYS went to the bakery.

Dave, that is way way cute. As long as it didn't come out looking like a squirrel, it's perfectly acceptable.

Cat, nursecindy - there are several housewives in my neighborhood who can make that cake.

They're all insane.

Not worth the tradeoff, imho.

The 'Reality' chick looks like Groucho.

I think it resembles the gopher from Caddyshack.

"I got to get into this dude's pelt and crawl around for a few days. Who's the gopher's ally. His friends. The harmless squirrel and the friendly rabbit."

I bet Sophie was completely happy with the way it turned out. Hilarious though!

So...did anyone eat it?

Dave would answer you, but he's busy chewing.

explains why there are no passover bunnies....

There is NO wrong way to make Rice Krispie treats!


And o/t: The SEALS rescued Captain Phillips from the Pirates!

Go Navy!

It just looks a little melted is all.

YAY for the SEALS!

More here...

And just to show that stupidity doesn't take a day off on Easter: we have this... (Maybe the remaining pirate could take her place...)

She worked verwwy,verwwy hard to get into that pool with the bears.

Bacon rice krispies treats


Did I hear there was a birthday girl Cat here?

We've been waiting for days and finally the SEALs rescued the Captain while snipers blew away three of the pirates.

Good does win over evil sometimes.

I do not attempt to make cakes pictured in magazines. I take the pictures to a local professional cake shop. Where I can fret about raspberry versus lemon filling. For $5 extra, moms can rave about the pretty cake which I have to then admit, with great sadness, that I wish I had the time to make myself *sigh* but alas I was so busy with details making sure the kids would have a great time. (This is code for I don't bake)

Yes, sometimes. Wish it were moretimes. I am so glad to hear that they rescued him especially since he so unselfishly offered up himself to save his crew. He is a true Captain.

" New Yorker " recipes aren't worth a darn.

Why do we celebrate Easter by ripping the heads off of sweet chicks and bunnies?

Cuz it's chocolate??

And goes well with boxed wine?
Sounds good to me!

*clinks wine glasses with Annie*

Siouxie did you know there is a website called ilovebacon.com ? It shows several wonderful recipes for bacon and also talks about edible bacon underwear. For that special man in your life.

I guess I need to find me a special man, huh??

*starts research*

I can think of a couple for you. Sharkie, Jazzzz, Hammie, Allen, and I would say Jeff but he'd just say he already did that 3 days ago at 8 a.m. Just a thought.

I don't think Siouxie meant 'special' as in 'short-bus special.' ;p

LMAO Annie. You got my back, amiga!

and *snork* @ cindy! Jeff would say that!

After looking the above list over I have to agree Annie. No offense to any guys on the above list. Remember Siouxie if you find a perfect guy make sure he has a couple of brothers. One for me and one for Annie.

Perfect man?? Might take a while.

Waiting for the perfect man.

I'll settle for trainable.

I'd settle for ambulatory.

Not really, but I felt like whining.

trainable?? get a dog!

Good evening all.It's still snowing here.

How trainable?

*throws ron a bone*


*Waits for fake stick throw*

Okay maybe trainable was the wrong word. I was thinking of the old saying, get 'em young and train 'em right. How about just sweet, with a good disposition and a great sense of humor. And a job. Ron you should really think about moving to a place where it doesn't snow all the time. I have a friend that moved here from Duluth and she has some very scary snow stories. (pats meanie on the head and gives him a treat)

Good boy, Meanie!

*Barks at front door, grabs snack from counter while no one is looking*

Siouxie I already have 2 chihuahuas and a yellow lab. I can't train them either. Please forgive any dumb remarks blog guys. I think you're all great. I have a horrible head cold and a birthday coming up which always gets me down. Plus I did my taxes today and owe 900.00.


hugs to you!!!

For nursecindy.

on that note, I'll be off. We're almost at the end of tax HELL so the next 3 days are gonna be rough.

Niters all!! Sweet dreams! (and cindy, we do love our blog boys and they know it)

Thanks. You all are the best. Good night.

Whoa - simul with Siouxie is a great way to end the day. 'Nite all!

Here we are having another bout of winter.Cold,blowing snow.How wonderful.

Clear and cold in NY metro area.

*awaits ron's sports wrapup*

if anyone needs me, i'll be whipping up (heh!) a perfect man for annie, siouxie and nurse cindy out of these leftover rice krispies.

LTTG. Happy recent Bday Cat, Happy future Bday cindy, words of comfort to snowy ron and Huzzah to our seals. Yup, I think I'm caught up.

Oh yah, and hang in there Siouxie, Annie and cindy. Ya'll are funny, sexy women!

Thanks, NSherly! I'm just waiting to eat crossgirl's krispies man! (make mine chocolate).

In the course of a misspent life I have learned never to try to make cakes or other desserts pictured in magazines. Life's too short. On the upside, the corollary is that the messier the dessert looks, the better it tastes. (Usually.)

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