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April 23, 2009


A Queens woman charges that a wedding guest from hell turned her dream nuptials into a sordid affair she can never forget by screaming, tossing a drink at another guest -- and, worst of all, declaring she was sleeping with the groom.

(Thanks to nursecindy and RussellMc)


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"The suit accuses Angevine of slander, inflicting emotional distress and battery -- for allegedly poking Sandrina in the chest while telling her of the supposed hookup with Harry."

C'mon, you can't sue somebody for punctuating!

"I (poke!) wazh SHLEEping (poke!) wif HIM (poke!) before YOU (POKE!) were!"

A lovely group of humans.

Do we know if alcohol was involved?? I mean there IS a slight possibility, no?

At least the 2 lovely ladies were able to agree it was the husband's fault.

Isn't it always?

Classy all around.

Maybe they should have left that part out about, "If anyone knows any reason why these two should not be joined together let them speak now or forever hold their peace." On the other hand I'm sure his life has been wonderful since this wedding. Poor guy.

Harry (walks in) ... "I quit you psycho b!tch! You ruined my marriage and I not only didn't sleep with you, I didn't even get to sleep with my wife!!!"

Psycho bosslady ... "Ummm, yeah, sorry about that, wrong wedding, you understand? What can I do to make it up to you? Say, an extra 5 cents an hour sound good to you?

"After the outburst, things got so raucous that the 70 guests were ordered to leave the reception at the Naresa Palace catering hall in South Ozone Park, the suit says."

There's the problem, too much Ozone ... does it every time.

its from the Noo Yawk Post, fa crissakes. they make stuff up.

its from the Noo Yawk Post, fa crissakes. they make stuff up.

Posted by: queensbee

I thought that was the Noo Yawk Times...

Soon to be a Kate Hudson/Anne Hathaway sequel...

How come I never get invited to these fun weddings, only the extremely dull ones?

And the funeral afterwards was equally entertaining.

She (the bride) didn't kill him Horace. That would be too easy. She just made him WISH he were dead.
ec I usually get invited to the weddings where the bride and groom sing to each other. This would be an improvement to some of those.

RIGHT, ncin?!?!?! EGAD!

These newlyweds are moving? And he's a pool installer? Quick Dave/judi - send these two folks Fla. DLs. They'd fit right in here at the weirdness magnet triangle.

OH NO ! REALLY ??? I've never heard of the bride and groom SINGING to each other !
Please don't tell me they sing bm songs ! (which could be taken two ways, but I mean the commercial guy)

Telecom I went to one wedding where they sang 'Wind Beneath My Wings' and another where they sang 'You Light Up My Life'. Neither of which is my favorite and high on my scale of sappiness. At one of the weddings I thought the song 'Highway To Hell' would have been more appropriate. If they were to start singing any BM songs I would leave I'm afraid.

I think "Light My Fire" would be more fun...Have a Cosmo, Cindy.

Has anyone ever been to a wedding with the mythical ultra-horny bridesmaids and groomsmen?

i used to do weddings (singing, that is) and used to change the words just slightly to see if anyone was paying attention. i once had to do some horrible song called "bonded together". that became "bondo the fender" or "bondage with leather" depending on my mood.


From the alternate reality names it should have been clear trouble was inevitable.

Oh my. I must live a sheltered little life out here !
I have heard the Choir or soloist singers at a wedding, but never the bride and groom to each other ! Sorry to be so rude, but that cracks me up ! They must be really good singers. I thought the whole writing your own vows thing was cool, til I heard a whole personal outpouring, with accompanying tears and sobs, but this singing thing is very interesting.

mud, this does not surprise me at all. I am sure some of your lyrics were "interesting".
DID anyone ever notice ?

Hey, I'm from Queens! I'm so proud. :sniff:

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