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April 22, 2009


Aged 68 and still a Sex Bomb: Fans throw knickers onstage as Tom Jones performs in Florida


(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Now that's funny! Watch out for the walkers, Tom!

Kinda late, but...

"So what do those women have on after they've thrown their undies at Tom Jones?"
"Depends on what?"
"No, just Depends."

And he didn't even keep my thong. Pfft.

That's just a truss.

granny panties, indeed!

I suppose after administering sponge baths the concert panty removal is a minor task for live-in healthcare aides.

Humph! again no video of the throwers!

I think he still looks pretty good for an older gent.

Another way to throw your panties around.
Still can't do Linky thing.


DaninIA's linky thing.


DaninIA's linky thingy

Thanks Siouxie!

I thought Redd Foxx was dead...

It's not unusual.
; )

Saw Tom in Naples on Wednesday --- Miami Beach on Saturday. You people need to forget about the underwear and show this man the repect he deserves. His voice, his manner, his talent. I'm sick and tired of people cracking jokes about his age. Nary a one of you has his looks, his moves, or can rock a house like he does TODAY. When you're in you 60s, you'll just be old, ugly, and probably broke. He is an incredible performer. And incredible man. Knock off the jealousy or whatever it is that's going on out there --- Tom Jones is a legend. Who are any of you? Filled a concert hall lately? Played Vegas to sold out crowds for weeks on end? I didn't think so.

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