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April 24, 2009


Sometimes we are for it, and sometimes we think it's better to put something on.


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Cool. Shameless promotion as it may be, but definitely good looking stuff!

Now Dave is going to need a WBAGNFAT-shirt catch phrase...

My cart is empty..... :(

"Dave Barry got a Pulitzer and all I got was this stupid T-shirt"

Now you've hit the big time, Dave.

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There are too many colors that aren't blue.

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There's a difference?

Dave, you know you can sell many, many
'DB Bloglit' T-shirts right here.
Is it bloglit or blogit?

and on the back;
I sent this in yesterday.

Excellent suggestions, Punkin and NotSherly.

= ^ D

Geesh, when I first saw the site name I had a vision of T-shirts with pictures of Dave looking all pale and emo and sparkly. Someone pass the brain bleach, quick!

(NotSherly, I'm still trying to figure out which word is correct myself!)

I am

Oops, that should read I am pro nudity

Well hell, MerriLee, I had grand plans of going this weekend without seeing a naked guy in a pony-tail and you squash that before 8:00 on Friday. alas.

amen on the pro nudity from the chic not wearing any pants!

and a big *SNORK* at punkin's all i got...

I'd like to see one that says NTTAWWT on one side and WBAGNFARB on the other. If you put "I sent this in yesterday" on one be sure to add, "At 8 a.m." Sharkie would you have been happier if it had been a naked woman with a pony tail?

nursecindy: I can't speak for Sharkie, but I'm ALWAYS happy if it's a naked woman with a pony tail.

I'd like a "BOOGER!!" T-shirt too.

Coachella+Wizard+Naked = Avert Your Gaze.

Why do you ask Cindy, doing your hair?

How about: *SMACK!*

oh yeah...I want a *SMACK* one!!

We would have to have a shirt with several *SMACKS* on it Siouxie. And yes Sharkie, my hair is in a ponytail but it's 80 degrees here tonight! Unfortunately you've sworn off redheads.

My hair is always in a ponytail. Nothing wrong with that.

T-Shirt of the Day So Far.

Don't forget to take pictures of the blog get together tomorrow Siouxie for those of us stuck in the boonies who can't be there.

I'll be sure to take some pics. There's a rumor that a certain djblogger may show up but you didn't hear it from me.

From the title, and since judi posted it, I thought it would be hunks at sunset. Nice hair as always, though.

How's the new job going Annie?

Really well, thanks for asking, although I miss youse guys. Lots of stuff to learn. Old brain, new tricks...

We miss you but I've given a couple of smacks out for you. Sharkie deserved them.

Good for you. Smackin' Sharkie is a full time job. Too bad it doesn't pay very well.

Slinks in®

Hey, congratulations on a new job, Annie! I can relate. But I figure all the new stuff I'm learning will help keep my brain cells youthful and perky.

*Sigh.* I'm way more tired than I expected, though. And my house is a mess. Good part is, the kids have learned to start cleaning more, so they aren't embarrassed to bring their friends over. ;)

Same here, Cat. The boys are pitching in, and they are proud of helping. I'm pretty tired, too, but in a good way.

Nite, all...my labrador says it's time to watch the "Dog Whisperer."

I'm turning in, too. I'll be chaperoning a Relay for Life tomorrow night into Sunday morning. Kitten R the eldest has raised over $1500 for the American Cancer Society, and she and her team are in first place for fundraising in their whole high school!

(Sorry for the mommy brag moment there.)

Anyway, I need my zzz's tonight so a migraine doesn't grab me Sunday.

(If anyone is interested in the RFL, e-me and I'll send you a link.)

/end shameless plug for kid

'Niters, blogits!

me. i always thought it was bloglit. because "blogit" would be pronounce blo-git and not bloggit. right? but really it should be bloglet. maybe.

I'e been uncertain about posting any comment in this thread because I wasn't sure if it would be taken wrong. I'm the proprietor of the shop that Judi linked to, and I didn't want to look like I was trying to hard to plug the store. But I really must say that some of the suggestions here for new shirts are awesome. I will be working extra hard to get some of them on the site (if Dave approves them). Thanks to everyone who's visited.

I want a shirt depicting an exploding cow.

Good morning ron. I hope you get the very nice weather today. You'll have to shovel mulch instead, to keep in practice.

well, i like cindy's ideas about what should be on the front and back, and we should ALL buy at least one.... and then we can wear them to the dave barry blog convention in say, sandusky, Ohio.

Thank you Queensbee. I just looked at the video of the naked wizard and you know he really shouldn't have been trying to show off his stuff. He had nothing to brag about from what I saw.

Good job, Schade!

Sure, it's obscure, butt I'd vote for:

WAVES @ Hammie!

Have fun all you bloggers who are congretating this w/e. I second nursecindy's request for pics if you feel like sharing.
Also seconding queenie's blog convention idea, even in Sandusky.

*googles Sandusky*

I think we should have the blog convention in Montpelier.

Yes, cindy. We could visit the stinky sneaker museum!

I've always wanted to visit the Dave Barry Lift Station No. 16. I say we have the convention in Grand Forks, ND.

Schadey - How about a bra that says "Dave Barry Lift Station"??

LMAO BFF!! perfect!

Would Hugo Chavez and Danny Ortega be saying all those nasty things about Capitalism if they could see this ?

Punkin, I love the way you think. :-)

When will the shirt be available? Great site Dave!

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