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April 24, 2009


Mom will never forget the year you gave her an official Star Trek Limited Edition Titanium Spork. We promise.

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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Um...yes I will, judi.

Mom won't be able to forget what never happened.
They're already sold out...

I'd rather have a tribble.

I thought about submitting this, but Siouxie already thinks I'm a nerd...

Cindy: So you want to pet something soft and furry that makes pleasant noises and reacts when you stroke it?...

My labrador already does that Allen. I want a tribble.

I should know better than to read this blog while drinking tea.

nursecindy owes me a keyboard...

They're sold out. Mom's gonna be so disappointed.

Cindy, got your tribbles right here.

Darn, the sporks are sold out... but love those Tribbles™ a whole lot!

Wouldn't "Spock's Sporks" BAGNFARB?

*snork at klez*

Thanks wiredog. New keyboard is on the way.

I'm a big ST fan, so I say the following with affection:

Consuming some Romulan pork?
Then order an "Enterprise" spork.
With each bite you'll show
What we already know:
You're truly a cosmic-scale dork.

In Las Vegas years ago,I (of course) went to "Star Trek: The Experience" at the Hilton. Had fun, and in the gift shop on the way out, picked up a six-pack of blue "Romulan ale" (a beer with food coloring and special label).

Did you know that it can take days to stop peeing blue?!...

Should not the text read Currently Out Of Spock?

I think you're a nerd, Allen??

Nah...I'm a trekkie too.

cindy, I got a snork out of your riposte, too. Allen does that make you lower on the evolutionary scale than a Lab?
This one is better anyway.

My labrador already does that Allen.

Funny...my puss kitty does that too, cindy.

spork @ Ford.

A stroke for Siouxie's...kitty.

Klingons would be ashamed to eat with those

...or any other utensils, for that matter.

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