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April 25, 2009


It's... Quilt Man!

(Thanks to Jacki Barber)


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He's a tough needle to thread.

If Siouxie misreads that like I did, as "Kilt Man," she's going to be horribly disappointed.

I'm guessing a man in a kilt careening devil-may-care on a Segway would be the start of a great fantasy for her.

I'm waiting for crochet man myself.

You know me so well, dear pad. As a matter of fact, I will be drooling over enjoying some men in kilts this very evening.

Frequently mistaken for Duvet Man.

He must come from a close-knit family.

He's a dyed in the wool patriot?

Did he know Snoopy's brother, Sike, when he lived in Needles?

In school, the ladies would cotton to him.

He used to work at Wooworths.

His other sworn enemy: Mothra.

OK, after all these sewing puns, don't you want to curl up and dye?

Looks like Dr. Horrible went crazy quilt.

PirateBoy has me in stitches.

I wonder if the appliques hurt?

I hope so.

I don't think I could get drunk enough to be Quilt Man.

Does he have Patchwork Boy as his sidekick?

Brother of SnuggieMan, father of Footie Pajama Boy. Siouxie is looking for Crotch-et Man.

Hell Yeah! Eugene Monroe was available and the Jags picked him at number 8! Absolutely perfect fit of player value, team, and town. We can all get back to the rest of our Saturday afternoon, the World Champion (someday) Jags having made my day! Where's that BBQ grill? I can't see it past all of these beer cans....

Kinda crepey if you ask me.

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