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April 26, 2009


I pulled a dollar out of the urinal today. I don't really care if someone was waiting for me to take it out so they could laugh at me. I pulled it out with two fingers, took it to the sink and did about 20 squirts of soap into the hand with the dollar. I washed it and my hands so well, I am pretty sure it ended up being cleaner than the money I had in my wallet. I got a buck out of it. I pick up pennies off the ground too. Every little bit counts.
-- mrbigreded


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ummmmmmm, does anyone have a buck?

sorry, i wouldnt care if there was a jillion dollars in a urinal. ewwww. you dont know WHERE that money was!washing it will not change that. pun intended.

Money laundering?

I bet Mrbigreded is rich - and single. Forever.

I saw what I thought was a wad of paper on the floor in my college cafeteria. It was closing time so I was the about the only one left. I picked it up to throw it away and was surprised to see it was $25.00. I had gas money for the rest of the week! But I don't think I could bring myself to get money out of a toilet.

Being in a urinal versus being in a toilet totally changes the equation. Urine is sterile (although stinky); poop is very much NOT sterile in any way. I'd be spending that dollar as fast as I could, though.


Dollars from urinals. Almost exactly like pennies from heaven.

And the only thing he could find to dry it was the hot air blower.

obviously, the guy before him was just p!ssing his money away.

I don't pickup or save pennies anymore. The time required to roll the
actually makes it loss if you factor in just minimum wage to cash them in.
Other option of carrying them everywhere you go to make small change isn't so hot either, there just a hassle, just concentrate on what it is you do for money instead of using urinal are or saving pennies, spend an extra hour at your trade one week instead of rolling pennies, you'll reap more then a few bucks...

And that dollar just went back into circulation! Thanks a heap. Now I will be avoiding one dollar bills like the plague. This is really going to hurt my stripping career.

Okay, urine inside the body is sterile, yes. But when it comes out, it can pick up any and all bacteria that might be hanging around on the...packaging. All bets are off once you release the pee into the wild.

So. If you're going to pick something up out of a urinal, best hope the men who used it before you have good, um, penile hygiene.

I guess the guy ahead o him was a big tipper.

*groan* @ Meanie

(What that really called for was a *rimshot*, get it? Urinal, rimshot???)

Aaaaahhh...I just kill me.

Fool. I would have given him $5 to leave it alone.

It's called a coin machine, Bob. Jars of loose coins converted to folding money without any rolling.

And how does one check the provenance of every one dollar bill received? Remember what would happen if we ship the dollar bill sanitizers off with the hair dressers and phone sanitizers.

On the other hand (so to speak) we could start using cell phones, ATM/check cards and Flowbees.

Nah, that'd never catch on.

A guy goes into an outhouse and sees his friend throwing a dollar bill in the hole. He is amazed when his friend throws another one down the hole. He says, "Jeptha, why are you throwin' dollar bills down thar?" Jeptha replied back, "I dropped a quarter down thar accidentally and I am tryin' to make it worthwhile to go after it."

This explains the theory of sunk costs and also Obama's stimulus package.

Some visiting Briton went to "spend a penny" and didn't have any change?

What, with inflation and all....

Doesn't explain why the main thing that causes urinals to stop up is chewing gum. Go Figure.

I could explain, daisymae, but you wouldn't like the answer.

The previous owner of the dollar, one Mr. Dave Barry, tried to win a hand of liars poker by claiming he had a royal flush?

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