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April 24, 2009


Key Exculpatory Exchange:

"I slowed down, I slowed down!"

"Well, I'm being chased by a bear!"

(Thanks to Andrew Hoenig)


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Your linky no worky.

here it is.

Linky is broken. I knew this would happen if I agreed with Sharkie on another post.

Judi has already been fired, yes?

Actually I think Judi has fired Dave! She's going to name her baby (middle name) Bear even if it's a girl or boy? Thank goodness it wasn't a Bobcat chasing her.

jon, judi can't be fired. The Blog seems to be away at the moment.

The story says the bear has gone to the Great Big Woods in the Sky after being identified as the one that chased the woman.

Was there a police lineup or something?

Our motto at the firm: You don't have to be able to outrun the bear. You just have to be able to outrun the person next to you.

bear was tranquilized and later euthanized

I need to go punch something. Repeatedly.
Back in a bit.

sorry, fixed the link but was unable to post to tell you, because firefox insists my email address is not a valid email address. anyone else have that problem?

My Firefox has never said your email addy was not valid, j.

My Firefox was tranquilized and later euthanized.

Have you checked for squirrels, Judi?
They're bound to be the source of the problem.

My FireFox goes limp when it thinks about bears in the woods.

bear was tranquilized and later euthanized

I need to go punch something. Repeatedly.
Back in a bit.

That's Divsion Of Wildlife (Fish & Game here in CA) for ya. Around here, should some wild critter (black bear, mountain lion, or whatever) turns up in inhabited areas, we know to call the County Dept. of Animal Control, and NOT the State Dept. of Fish & Game.

Looks like the child is the only one who had to suffer from that incident. Playground beatings will follow.

"This woman is no hero, she cheated, it says so in the report!"

So she can escape a bear and then gets beaten down by an Impala.

Love how right when they tell us the bear was put down the woman is wearing a Cubs hat.

Never try to outrun a bear -- they can sprint faster than a horse for a short distance. I walked out on my deck once and scared a bear I didn't know was there. It almost bowled me over in the process of covering about 75 feet in three bounds in less than a second. If a bear is following you, stop and wave your arms at it and curse loudly, or imitate Rush Limbaugh. Black bears will "bluff charge" but back off if you don't. However, if you are in grizzly territory, carry ketchup packets to improve your flavor.

I'm disturbed by the frequency with which weird news from Colorado is being posted. Someone must have brought the South Florida Weirdness Magnet with them when they came skiing. Right Dave?

As for the bear, it's a shame, but stupid people were leaving food out for the thing, and it had lost any fear of humans. That's a recipe for disaster. Had the bear shown a normal flight response, it would probably have been shipped up to the back country to live happily ever after.

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