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April 24, 2009


As the cashier began to collect back in the bottles, the man put his finger to his nostril, blew hard and showered the hapless shop assistant with the contents of his nasal passage.

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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I married into a Swedish family. I'm not that surprised.

'Snot funny.

To misquote Rocky Horror: "Great Snot!"

*Waves* at Allen

i wasnt eating and it made me queasy just reading it. ewwww.

Most liquor store customers do the "farmer's hankerchief" thing out in the parking lot. At least at the one I worked at (ummm, many) years ago...

Life in Sweden ... and y'all know whut they say about life ...

Ferret Snot!!!

The error of his aim??? WTF???

Was he supposed to aim at her ear insted of her chin?

It seems to me that the snot, not his poor aim, was the error.

Hoo gnu my ex-in-laws were Swedish?

The nose knows

...so she said with a grin as she wiped off her chin..."

Is cider alcoholic in Sweden? Just curious. If this had happened here the clerk would have shot him.

Booger. Heh!

Oh yeah, cin, alcohol was involved.

Gimme cider,
Got no money,
All I got,
Is boogers Honey.

snork @ Loudmouth

We won't . . .

The guy was a real class act.Four months sounds about right.


Bless you.

; )

The byline seems more like it should be Bart Simpson than Peter.

SNORK at O the U(manity)!

*Wonders if snotty Swede was just trying to demonstrate proper SNORKing technique*

Thanks, Brian ;-)

Maybe he was just trying to speak Swedish?

I agree, cindy

In the cycling world that is known as the "farmer blow"
but this guy was not on a bike and normally cyclists try to avoid blowing snot on other people. I'm just saying......

In the farmer world that's known as 'downwind, for Pete's sake.'

It has now given her assailant a period behind bars to reflect on the error of his aim.
That sentence just sticks in your nasal passage, don't it?

Maybe he had been listening to the Swedish version of Aaron Wilburn's "If My Nose Was Running Money?"


You don't have to be snotty about it.

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