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April 22, 2009


Whatever killed the dog in the Top End, it wasn't the Yowie, according to a Yowie expert, who asserts that the Yowie speculation is "alarmist."

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who notes that "Yowie Alarmists" would be a good name for a rock band)


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I saw 'em warming up for the Bonzo Dog Band in '74. Helluva show.

First they name an actor "Yahoo Serious", then they expect us to believe them about so-called "Yowies"?...

Them yowies'll getcha.

"People need to calm down, there is no threat from the Yowie. This is clearly the type of kill a chupacabra would make, so they can relax."

If Yahweh's roaming Australia killing dogs, we're in deeper . . . what? Yowie? Nevermind.

It's reassuring to know that in these times of economic uncertainty, Tim, the former economist, can make a living as a Yowie Man. "I saw that the crash was coming, and decided it was safer to get into Yowies."

Over the years, people reported "seeing some tall hairy thing beforehand."

re: jon's post — After Tom Jones stopped wearing tight pants, these sightings ceased?

I'm still trying to figure out why the large, hairy, naked man was running across the road.

nursecindy, he was trying to get to the other side. That's where his pants were.

The Yowie did it? That's ridiculous. You should call them by the proper name: Bigfoot. Bigfoot did it.

Of course it wasn't him. He was sleeping off a hangover.

and just what in the name of screaming Jesus is a cryptonaturalist?

Natural code?


Cheese, a cryptonaturalist studies Superman's dog.

Bit the head off a puppy?

Where wuz Alice Cooper about this time?

O, Alice Cooper was probably playing golf somewhere. Siouxie, is that another picture of Sharkie?

The Yowie Man has a book written about him.

and just what in the name of screaming Jesus is a cryptonaturalist?

Same as cryptozoologist. Basically, someone who specializes in legendary critters like Nessie, Champ, and Bigfoot.

It's very difficult for a layman to decide who is right. On the one hand, we have a Yowie Researcher, and on the other a Yowie Man. It's a puzzlement.

"One turned out to be a hoax, another turned out to be a hairy naked human running across the Stuart Highway near Alice Springs and the other was of spurious origin," he said.

For bloggers from outside Australia;
Like flies to roadkill, Canberra and the Northern Territory attract our crazies.
Although the NT is much larger there are more crazies in Canberra.

Nursecindy, it's because Alice springs.

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