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April 22, 2009


"The two were thinking about calling 911 when they heard the shots but started making out instead."

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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By "making out" may we assume they were doing a Clinton? Don't want to interrupt that or we might be talking broken todger.

Priorities are important...

Let me get this right - don't call 911 for fast-food problems, but do call for gang activity? How are we supposed to know what an emergency is, and also why doesn't my phone have an 11 button?

Sharkie, you forgot the *hair flip*.

Jeff, I think the term you meant was "a Lewinski". When I was in high school, "making out" was basically hugging and kissing. Try as we might, it rarely got any better than that.

So, who were you making out with Allen?

Cindy, it was some flirtatious nurse from the blog--in my dreams. She kept saying she needed to check me out...

Allen! Really! Shhhhhh.

Get a car, in an alley, with gunshots you two.

Get a car, in an alley, with gunshots you two.

I think gunshots turn her on...

Obviously, we can rule out jealous lovers.

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