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April 23, 2009


Soon we will have no fundamental human rights left.

(Thanks to nursecindy)


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Russian clown shoes. I think that was a classic episode of The Avengers.

Of course, clowns are known for their submission to protocol and authority...

Next they'll be mandating seat belts and air bags for the clown car.

A better solution would be steel-toed clown shoes.

But clown noses are ok right?

If clown shoes are outlawed, only outlaws will have clown shoes.

Which will make them easier both to spot and to catch.

Good thinking, BFF. They'd be trippin' all over those bare-ass-baggy pants too.

Hey BFF!! It's gonna be 80 here this weekend!! Whoo hoo!!

Considering he fell off a high wire I thought he was kind of lucky to have only broken a toe.

WOOT! Time to get out that bikini, BFF!

Now if they could just ban all the rest of a clown, that would be perfect.

Sheesh. Next thing they're gonna say that the lions have to be muzzled for their act and wear thick gloves on their paws....

Health and Safety Rules in Russia!!!???


"Valerik Kashkin broke a toe after falling from a high-wire and has been told his size 18s were to blame."

I think it was the fall that was to blame ... or Al Gore.

"Mirth performance protocol stipulates that safety goggles must be worn during pie fights, seltzer bottles with a spraying range in excess of 15 feet must be clearly marked by neon-colored bottles, and artificial Flowers worn to distribute fluids must have a clearly recognizable warning label displayed no more than 6 inches from the petals of said flower."

I didn't know Sharkie worked for the government! Men may not know this but foot size is one thing us ladies look at in a man.

13 Wide. Whut?... No, it's still short of clown-sized.

Rest of blog guys are suspiciously quiet... You have a good foundation Mr. Allen at Division.

*wink* at Cindy...

Some men don't need to brag and let their shoes do the proverbial talking.

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