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April 23, 2009


A 52-year-old woman who took a job as an exotic dancer to help make ends meet was attacked on her first day by a jealous co-worker armed with a stiletto shoe, police said.

(Thanks to Danny)


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This sounds like the kind of place where you are issued a gun or a knife when you walk in if you didn't bring your own.

Cat Cougar/Kitty fight!

The suspect is described only as a black female in her late 40s.

Cougar attacks Cougar. This must be near a retirement complex.

Stiletto shoes aren't nearly as dangerous as switchblade shoes...

52 and late 40's.... do you tip them with wrinkled dollars?


*SMACKS* oldmanatee. There are several of us women here on the blog who own stilletto's and can hunt you down fella.

An exotic dancer who is trying to make ends meet. Aren't they all?

She might be going to college....I hear that one quite a bit.

nursecindy, no need to hunt me down, I can give you directions.

wonders how much the men would have paid to watch the cat fight.

Isn't "strippers' dressing room" an oxymoron?

As a cougar, I'd be hunting down youngmanatee.

*hair flip*

Souxie, you just come on up, but you better leave now, I know how slow some of you drive...


A 52-year-old stripper? Remind me NEVER to go to Ohio for a bachelor's party....NEVER!

Soon as I can get my walker & handcuffs into geezer bus, old. We're a wild bunch.

So that stripper pole is used more for stability than sexy dancing? AARP strippers - where gravity is not your friend.

TW - I dunno, I've seen some pretty attractive 52-year-olds in my time. Then again, I LIVE in Ohio, so maybe we're easy to please.


nice to get the first smack in!

joshua, they actually look better when they hang upside down on the pole.

The only strip club with a blue plate special.

I had a nice comment about lap dances, but the bot shut it down.


Good point about using gravity to one's advantage.

I wonder if there is a blue hair special in addition to the blue plate special?

*nominates Scott for the good judgement/myopia/nice guy award*

Early bird cat fight special. AARP special half price tipping. Oogie when that G-string gets full of quarters.

I'm not 52 but I also would like to nominate Scott for blog guy of the day award. This may keep him from any *SMACKS* for the rest of the day unless he says something dumb. The rest of you don't know what you're missing with a woman over 40.

nursecindy, I vaguely remember what I am missing with a woman over 40...

A night with a women over 40 means an education not soon forgotten! Cougers rule!

It's weird -- when I was younger (early 20s) I used to be attracted only to women in their 20s. Now that I'm more mature (nearing 30), I'm strongly drawn to the 40+ women crowd. Absolutely no nervousness or fumbles from or with the older ladies. Just total confidence and knowledge of what's around the block. To the under-30 male crowd: it's a totally awesome experience if you can make it work.

Good to know some men appreciate us older gals ;-)

I stand by my post on the other thread. Now they both have a great story to tell about an encounter with a cougar.

Of course, when I said "embrace the cougar" I was envisioning something a bit different.

The stripper poles on stage were intalled horizontally, at waist level.

That first comment by MartiniShark is the FUNNIEST thing I've heard in a long time!

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