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April 08, 2009


The Blog could raise lots of money. You'd all donate, wouldn't you?

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Wonder Woman!

i just wish my boss would come to work sane. dressed as wonder woman would just be a nice bonus.

Dave as "Wonder Women" would raise money and eyebrows.

...as in 'wonder if it's a woman.' If Dave were doing it, of course.

Surely we meant Judi as Wonder Woman, since she IS...

So Hillary isn't one of the choices?

nice sucking up, allen!

but no.

*snork* @ the s.b.!!!!

I can't think of anything to say. Well, anything that wouldn't get me smacked by all the blog ladies in succession. Like the hysteric in Airplane...

I'll lend him my sexy outfit.

I'm thinking that hair would look good on Dave.

I'd pay to see Dave as Wonder Woman. But I also think he'd make a good Elvis. If he dressed up as Wonder Woman he would have to do the stand. Hands on hips, cape blowing in the breeze,and proud, determined look on his face. Where do I send a donation?

Does this apply to evil-doers as well? I happen to know that the arch nemesis known as The JackAss is disguised as the mild-mannered manager of my department.

nursecindy - go see the RBRs when you get a chance. Mitch Albom does a spectacular Elvis.

*smacks* wiredog just for impure thoughts

I can't believe no one has blogged this yet:

I vote for Buddy.

*SMACKS* wiredog again for putting said impure thoughts into a link. Or was that just a public service message?

"Service", 'cindy? ... um ... NeverMind!

Seriously ... (as if that's possible frum this 'pooter)

Yes, Blessed Saint Judi ... if Dave did something for Make-A-Wish, I'd be happy to contribute ...

Since the M-A-W folks sent our granddaughter to Egypt for her Wish to see the pyramids, and we've learned a lot about their organization, we've placed them high on our personal list of charities to which we contribute ...

WHAT..... THE.... HELL?

Excuse me, I will have to consult with my attorney on this. Sheesh!

Hmmmmm ... I don't know ... my boss is a short, skinny, balding guy with glasses. Sorta nebbishy, if you ask me. I don't think he could pull off the Wonder Woman suit - I suspect there are chicken legs under those jeans - not to mention a concave chest.

Meanwhile Dave gracefully swished down the slopes. The Colorado sunshine bouncing it's golden rays off the snow in front of him. He was blissfully unaware that his s.b. was plotting to change his life dramatically.

I'd have my boss dress up as...wait a minute. I am my boss and I'm already devilishly handsome and muscular. Superman ought to dress up as me.

cindy, Dave swishes? Sounds like his life has already dramatically changed.

Loudmouth, cindy would like to know if you're single.

Annie told me.

I never Siouxie! Maybe 'swishes' was the wrong word there. The only other words I could think of was 'tumbled down'.

I think Cindy was thinking of these superheroes...

Just until Saturday.

Are you getting married Saturday Loudmouth? Congratulations.

No, my wife is visiting her mother until Saturday.

LOL Loudmouth. Not nice. Funny though.

*smacks* Loudmouth

It's "til death us do part" Loudmouth. I don't think it's "til death us do part or you go to see your Mother".

Hey. You come to this blog bar often? What's your sign? What's your handle? That white stripe on my finger? Just from the string I tied there so I wouldn't forget to get out of the tanning booth. Who you calling a geezer?

I still think Dave as "wonderwomen in Siouxie's outfit might raise eyebrows...."not in Colorado or California".
However, It would not raise anything lower than that.

I don't know daninlA. Dave is a nice looking man and he probably looks nice in tights. NTTAWWT.

Dave............. help me out here

daninIA, are you saying my WW outfit is not sexy enough to entice the opposite species sex?

AHhem...no it looks great!

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