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April 22, 2009


Now the crazy bastards are putting radio transmitters on ants.

(Thanks to catmanmax)


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The fun is that they make the tracking electronics this small but the battery pack needed to run it would squash and ant!

Okay, this is cool. I would so do this. Does that make me a boffin?

The answer to white collar crime among ants. Along with Community Service, which they are already doing anyway.

Well, how else will we know where the ants are going? What? Just watch them? Hmmm. Sounds crazy but it just might work!

So I guess the Ant economy is okay since there were no bad ant house loans and collapse of the ant credit industry, since they are better than humans at house hunting.

If they look like this you're too close...

Well little bugs have littler bugs
Up on their backs to bite 'em
And the littler bugs have still littler bugs
And so ad infinitum

Thanks to The Grateful Dead and O'Henry

The picture shows an RFID tag, like those used in passports, toll responders, pet implants, and newer antitheft/tracking tags on merchandise. They bounce a signal back from a nearby transmitter; no batteries required. If you buy a dildo or a copy of Science Fair with an RFID tag, you can be pinged all over town.

Wal-Mart is gung-ho on requiring RFID tagging by suppliers; maybe a few hundred antbots in their distribution centers would convince them they need a system less subject to abuse. Workers of the world, unite!

snork @ Brian.

NSherl, that was a poem that I learned to ponder in...ahem..."hazy moments" back in school days. It's also a Dead song.

Bug, "It doesn't matter."

Hazy bug, pondering.

Brian: Actually, it's from Jonathan Swift. Were you in school 300 years ago?

It does seem that long ago sometimes. I realized that but was too lazy to type a retraction. And I did say it was a bit "hazy".
; )

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