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April 25, 2009


We had these in college.

(Thanks to nursecindy)


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The t-shirt should come with yellow stains in the armpits.

Yellow for #1 and brown for #2? How appropriate.

Notice these only come in boxers for men. My 13 year old just turned his inside out when he thought they needed to be changed. I don't know why since I did all the laundry and he wouldn't have known the washing machine if I had formally introduced them.

cindy, my two girls learned to do laundry right before heading out to college and STILL bring loads of dirty clothes every time they visit. I don't think laziness is gender specific.

I agree. I have a daughter that I still have to threaten to get her to do laundry and clean house. She lives in her own place. I just call her every week or so and tell her I'm thinking of dropping by the next day. Works like a charm.

When I visit my mom, I still bring my laundry. My excuse is that I paid for the machines :-)

Technology is always the answer.

Dave, they guys in college SAID the boxers came that way, but did they come with the smells?.... Those were the guys we only dated once.

I could have used a set of these when the Jerky Boys called demolition to knock down my house.

No underwear, no problem....

The waistband loudly declaring they have not been washed should get the ladies running - AWAY.

ewwwww. how bout 'no smell' underwear? yuck! after a while, they can smell you comin ... P.U.!

If they can't see the skidmarks, how do they know when to turn them inside out?

Should discourage school strip searches.

Queensbee, I'm sure a guy could find somewhere to hang one of those little pine tree air freshners. That would take care of the smell.

What colors do they use for Vulcans ? Is that in the new movie ?

Har! Tash was in guys' underwear on the first date!

These are a big seller in Wasilla!

CJ - Why waste time? College was short... shorts or not!

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