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April 20, 2009


Where they know what's important.


(Thanks to the son of the s.b., who could give no further details because "they charge to get in.")


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Well, if it's not Scottish it's cra... oh.

Where can I find the runner up toilet?
(speaking of runners, the Boston Marathon is running now)

Mega culpa. I somehow missed the "Berlin" header and wound up in Scotland. Carry on.

"The Best Toilet In Town". Now that is some bragging rights!

I guess the s.o.t.s.b. didn't have to GO.

I'm pretty thrifty myself but I believe I would have paid to have seen the best toilet in town. Besides it would have been a great little conversation piece later. For example: "What's your sign?" "Come here often?" "I used the best toilet in town today."

I agree, cindy. Just the curiosity would have gotten to me.

The only way to ensure it's the best toilet in town is to ensure that it's the only toilet in town. Probably a popular place.

I bet it was gold plated and had encrusted jewels.

The gross part is that the jewels were not originally encrusted.

They had to put the sign up because there was no telling trail of toilet paper on the ground - an indication of just how great the bathroom is.

EWW, Punkin!

If you've traveled internationally, you know that finding a good (read "clean") toilet is no trivial matter. They probably CAN charge for it...

I have traveled internationally Allen and trust me sometimes it's worth putting a little money out for a clean toilet. Sharkie, you might want to check the bottom of your shoe. I think you're dragging some t.p. there.

ah, butt has camilla planted her rump there?

"I was only following odors."

I have also traveled to New York and I would be HAPPY to pay for a clean toilet there too. Better than a hole in the ground in some countries, but at least in that case, where it doesn't matter by that point, you can put your skirt just about anywhere, instead of in a puddle on the floor.

Does the hand on the sign indicate that they also have a proctologist on call?

Good question Frederic. It does look a little strange. Might be worth it to go to the 2nd best toilet in town.

Could be a "Pull my finger" sign.

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