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April 23, 2009


Check out the WOW Pod.


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Is there a stripper pole? If so, I would never leave.

I'm afraid some of the gamers will never fit inside that tiny portal.

OMG - I SOOOO need to get that!! For ... um ... some of my WoW-playin' pals. Yeah. For them. Cuz I never EVER play WoW. Right.

Shouldn't that be WoW? Not WOW?

I'm just sayin...

"...throne with toilet and digital surround sound."

Now I've heard everything. Or at least I'm about to.

Sadly, I think that will sell a million.


Sham WoW. Death by geekiness.

Diva, that's cool that you are (not) a gamer!

They have to do something at MIT, now that they don't have hockey anymore.

Question: Is it a real wow, or just a sham?

Is there a buzzer in there for when Mom has dinner ready ?

For a second, I thought I was reading the Onion. You can't make this stuff up, can you?

While I'll admit to loving the game, I would not use one of these huts. It's not really that hard to park your toon in a safe spot and get up for a few minutes.

I love World of Warcraft, But I am thankful that that wont fit in my apartment.

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