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April 23, 2009



(Thanks to catmanmax)


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Now I know where they get poi!
I still not eating it.

Spider: "I am going to paralyse you and eat you. Oh, and have a happy day".

Awww look at the purty smily spider...


The gig at Sprawl-Mart is over?

For a second there I thought it was Joan Rivers. Of course I was wrong. It's Lisa Rinna.

Awwwww, how cute!

(Didn't any of you read "Charlotte's Web" in your youth?)

Seen it before.

Be Happy

Cougar, smoogar, how do we get away from one of these?

Mother Hubbard, that is weird.

Theridion grallator, or nananana makakiʻi, according to Wikipedia.

/The more you know

OK, I'm very relieved that this thing is tiny, but I'm still way creeped out by it.

Somewhere Heath Ledger is laughing his ass off...

Poster for the sequel to The Fly that never got made because David Hedison and Vincent Price thought it was too creepy. Tag line:"I'll help you," said the spider.

I'd be smiling too, if I were living in Hawaii.

Looks like some warped Japanese 'Happy Fun Bug' type of product.

Are you talking about Creepy Crawlers Loudmouth? It does look like one of those.


*re-tars seams of plastic live-in bubble*

U-Haul has known about this spider for years. They've had it on one of their "America's moving adventure" trucks (probably more than one).

I thought the same thing NotSherly. Creepy Crawlers was a great toy where you heated up a metal disk type thing and then poured goo into it to make rubber bugs. It got very hot and I was burned more than once. You'd never be able to market a toy like that today. Somebody would sue.

Have a nice day . . . or else.

More like this

or this

And President Obama does nothing.

Clearly, God has a sense of humour.

Nursecindy, I had a creepy crawlers cooker too. I loved making those colorful wiggly bugs. Probably explains alot.
And you can't not get burned a little.

OK, so we admit we are the sisterhood of geezerhood ! My sis and I had a creepy crawlers set too ! Yes, we got burned.

Gummy Spiders?

Spiders are one of my main hobbies. Occasionally, after I put one down, it occurs to me that I was supposed to be afraid it would bite me. I have been bitten four times that I know of. No damage done.

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