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April 25, 2009


And we ain't got no kilts...

But some of us are on our way to find some, while yet another blog contingent meets elsewhere in the US in search of belly dancers and Greeks bearing gifts. And because we all have highly developed dorkish tendencies, here is a thread we can use to converse via computer, instead of across the table.



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The Washington Post had a story by Joel Auchenbach about a history teacher who recently discovered some heretofore unknown Benjamin Franklin letters in the British Library. The article contains the following passage: One letter, from William Franklin to his famous father, describes the intemperate nature of the (colonial) farmers: "I had much ado to pacify them, they being almost all drunk."

Let's carry on the tradition!

Siouxie, Judi, et al, have a Cosmopolitan for me. Or two. Let me know if I get drunk and friendly with the guys wearing kilts. Or not wearing kilts. It only takes 2 drinks for that to happen. Take pictures!

i'm not taking my camera so someone else will have to do the picture thing ;)

thanks mitch!

scott: get your kilt on.

Scott took his kilt off again?

Have fun, everyone!

I'll be in and out. A Prarie Home Companion is on the radio. That's another tradition in my house.

Yeah, it falls off at the slightest breeze, Annie.

Duct tape, Scott. Better wax first though.

Enjoy, everyone! Sorry I won't be able to make it...have a blast, and drink thirty-five beers each for me!

Nah, Annie, the hair is like duct tape rebar. Makes a solid foundation.

So, where is everybody? Except for one post by Judi (and the original, of course) it's all people who aren't there.

If y'all want, email me the pics and I'll upload them from here, beside the grill. Beats taking, then, compressing, then uploading them from the road. Urp.

I'll be digging out my bottle of Laphroaig and staying home tonight.No need for a kilt.

You English is atrocious! That should be, "Ain't got ANY kilts"!!

Woo hoo! We had a computer "conversation" with Mot the Hoople this afternoon, then a personal message from the Daveness himself. There are nine of us now getting ready to go to the Greek restaurant and watch belly dancers. We'll do pictures later; we took quite a few so far.

Off to a beach party. I hope everyone has a fun time what ever the excuse for a party.

Dave, we're stil plumbing the depths of what this "too much" is that you mentioned in your video greeting in regards to beer. Personally, I think it's just another example of your comedic genius to conceive of such an idea... but we'll keep you posted.

Weather is here (thunderstorm right now, YAY!!!), wish y'all were, too, but it's so very good to hear from you and get to meet those who did make it to KC!

not sure that a geek restaurant will be very good, but considering the number of laptops that'll be there, probably a good choice.

raises glass in toast. raises cj's kilt just because.

*Flaps in for a moment, waves @ all the bloglits*

Sure wish I could be with the kilt group. Or the belly dancing group. (It would be even better if the guys in kilts were belly dancing.)

Have fun, y'all!

Steaks coming off the grill, everybody is on their own, for awhile. Enjoy!

*sigh* Damned 3 hour timed difference anyways.

Did someone say kilts? Will there be beer?

greetings from the pub where we are sampling some really good kilt cuties

there are some cute men here. i am sure you are shocked.

Judi is having a hard time focusing here. We hoped she might post entries for the blog but one of her hands was up a kilt. Now we are bartering with security to let us stay here.

Take two:

That is not far from the truth. judi (the slut) is in LUST with a kilted cutie.

How many sparrows can fit under a kilt?

Depends on the length of the perch.

How do you know a scotsman is a McDonald?

By the quarter pounder under his kilt.

Yup,another quiet Saturday night. I'm not quite the swinging bachlor these days. My 3 year old daughter put herself down to bed-A MIRACLE. We wore each other out at the local playgrounds in this beautiful weather. And my 18 year old daughter is out being a teenager. I'm watching the Phillies-Marlins game and surfing the net tubes. Did someone say Laphroaig?

OPA!!!! We've had the first spill, and we're working our way through the first round of drinks. No belly dancers... yet.


Who all there has MSN chat, so that we can try to get a video link going? Shoot me an e-mail, willya?

No Laphroaig available (it's a small town) but there is a stash of Black Bush for sippin' later in the evening ...

I'm pleased that the gangs in various places are havin' a good time ... and I remember that this tradition of tendency to conglomerate with total strangers met on a site overseen by Our Own Dave (and judi, of course) got it's start by a small group (five of us, I believe) on the Santa Monica Pier some years ago ...

My personal commitment to that gathering (one of the first ever, IIRC), wuz to rent a car and drove over 1,100 miles to meet some strange folks who were not "strangers" becuz we met on the 'net, courtesy of our mutual affection for a beer drinker in a blue shirt ...

Party on, blogits ... I may have a sip or two later, to encourage y'all, despit my absence this time around ...

Oops! There six of us ... I fergot the guy to took the fotos ...

(If I can find a copy, I may send it to judi ... she's keeping an archive of all this frivolity and merriment, I trust ... )

Waitresses are lighting something on fire and then we are eating it. It's very dark in here and lots of flashbulbs are going off. A group of people were smashing plates the floor.

Hi O! Wish you were here!

*smooches* to Souxie from telecomdropout.

We are mudstuffin, Diva, Diva's roommate, telecomdropout, alfred, ungarr, gjd, sthnbelle, Clean Hands, NotSoShyJan and medtrina.

just bets that jan was the first to spill a drink.
*waves at everyone*

cg, PAY UP!! It was ME! I knocked over my bottle of Riesling cuz the waitress didn't tell me she put it on the table.


(CJ here):

I have sent crossgirl and crossboy off to the showers. A long day, polished off with a big sirloin split 3 ways.

Belly hurts.

Ate too much.

Ahhh, beer and Tryptophan....

*waves frantically*

Hiya, CJ, cg and OtheU!!! We're having a blast, but I SO wish you and crossgirl were here. Were talking about y'all today and how much we miss you all.

*waves at Sharkie, judi, Siouxie, ... who else is there?*

Telecom here -
Smoches everyone - Mud is taking pictures of the very sexy belly dancer and we are having a great time with that ! Wish you could have seen the belly dancer put her arms around Mud and click her finger chimes before she went onstage!
We weren't quick enuff with the camera tho.

wow - quite an evening - Diva says we'll all be up and dancing before we leave - we'll see.....

OK ... so I wuz worng (again) ... there wuz only five of us ... the reason there's only four in the foto is that the T-shirt (which wuz worn when the fotograffer personally met His Daveness In Person) belongs to the guy takin' the foto ...


That's Mr. Completely, Cyn, Mike and Mad (before they married) ...

How long ago wuz that? Seems about a lifetime (in Blog Years) ...

We're having a fabulous time. Sthnbelle is trying to figure out how to get closer to the handsome Greek boy.

I am nurse tammy's brother. I am having a blast at the greek restaurant whwere we are eating dinner. The food is awesome. The belly dancer was...I'll put it mildly by saying she was interesting...yep, that is all I will say...

I gave up eating lamb chops to say this.

Kids, When you see a belly dancer.... Check her age before trying to get a close up.

it's all true - the belly dancer was awesome. i will post pictures later.

Alfred is spot on about Zaina the local bellydancer. The woman is 55 if she's a day, but HOLY CRAP is she hott!! (That is her actual photo, folks.)

Also, this is the most wonderful Greek restaurant in Kansas City - Tasso's.

I was doing great until the Michael Jackson started. However, watching Alfred and Ungarr chair dancing to it made even that bearable.


Greek custard INCOMING!!!!

(No, I'm not talking about the belly dancer...)

If any of ya'll get arrested just call me. My son is a cop and I have 'connections'. At the very least I'll come and bail you out. Judi, stick a hand under a kilt for me. I'm sitting here in dull old N.C. tonight all by my lonesome.

okay, i'm home from the pub, after a lovely evening with martini shark and his friend, suzy q, siouxie, raisa (come on, post, girl!) and brian... also jon and anthony, two lovely men and/or boys in kilts. siouxie is still driving home. brian, did you make it home yet?

Sorry about the lack of a link, above ... mebbe this will werk?

I'm home, judi! Just loading up the photos now. I had a great time as usual.

Hey, belated congrats to the simultaneous coming together (easy, now, folks...) of multiple bloglits and official Blog personnel in multiple locations!

Looks like major league fun going on all over.

nursecindy, rest assured, I drank more than a few cosmos for you. Only for you, of course.

Frederick: 27 sparrows.

Great evening with Siouxie, Raisa, judi, Sharkie and GF, and Brian. judi had particular fun with the Boys in Kilts. Not that they minded. They are VERY accommodating. As are their kilts. Ahem.

I'm home safely, as well. What a blast! Shots of Ouzo (black licorice for Alfred) and blogits shake, shake, shaking their booties. I'm sure the pics will be hilarious.

Oddly, I didn't see or grope anyone in a kilt. JUDI!!! You go, girl..... it's always the quiet ones. ;)

I just made it home after an important stop at Taco Bell drive-thru for sustanence. But I will tell ya that it was loads of fun tonight. And I will say that you all cross examined me as good as any State Attorney I've ever known! ; ) I'm tellin' you folks, they even forced "party affiliation" out of me! Oh the shame!

Really though, lots 'o fun tonight, cute blogettes, kilts and mini skirts and adult beverages......what more could you ask?

See you guys soon!

You got off easy, Brian. We are professional interrogators. See if anything hurts tomorrow. Then, you'll know.

*smooches to Med* Miss you, girl!


The various descriptions remind me of the topical discussions my Grandma told me about, when she attended meetings of the WCTU ...

Y'all are disGRACEful! Isn't that the point?

Party well, but get home safely ...

Smoochies to tel!!! and a *WAVE* from me to the lot of ya's in KC!

Med, wish you could have been here with us too ;-)

Brian, at least we didn't waterboard ya ;-P Great meeting you too!

Glad everyone made it home safely. Thank you for drinking a couple for me Siouxie.

Hey, hey! I could probably get Dick Cheney's phone number ya know.....

Nightie-night all.

Thanks for the smoochies, Sioux. The highlight of my night: on the dance floor with blogettes, and a young hottie Greek stud swooped down and did a bit of swing dancing with me. SCORE!!!! Yummy. In my next life, I would like to be a contestant on dancing with the stars.

And tonight I was dancing with superstars: even CH and mud shook their booties. Wish we weren't so dang far apart in miles.

made it back to the hotel safely - a good time was had by all...there was dancing, and yes, EVERYONE participated. There is photographic evidence.

I'm sure SOMEBODY will help us get it up here...

BTW, everyone includes mud and Alfred.

We're still just getting started, having closed down the Greek place.

(Really, it didn't have ANYTHING to do with the impromptu belly dancing lessons.) (Or the shot[s] of ouzo.) (Might have had something to do with the bad 70s music and our foolhardy dancing to it.)

Anyhow, we're all back on our private top floor of the hotel, and getting warmed up for Act II of the evening.

Great to see you all had a blast too. Can't wait for the pics!!! Med, you sexy cougar you!!!!

ONOES on the evidence.

Loading photos nown to my photobucket account....

I'll post mine tomorrow. Nite all!

Siouxie, you ALWAYS get Post #69!!!

Just a few photos. We closed down the restaurant and now are tormenting the people on the fifth floor (we have the 6th floor to ourselves although we are all in one room now)
Now they are all singing the Camp Granada song. (We all know it by heart)

Who was it who knows a cop in KC?

I'm too busy to post pictures except for these. Tomorrow!

Jan, I might be willing to negotiate over which images get released... Let's talk.

I'll double whatever he's offering if you DO post them, Jan....

Yes - you can even put up ones with me in them.

Jan, I'll double whatever he's offering if you DO post them...

Yes, you can even post pictures with me in them.

See - this is what I'm willing to sacrifice.

*torn between decisions... post photos, talk with blogits who are present...*

darn typepad.

I have noticed that at 10:58, Clean Hands suddenly became singular.... I'm wondering what you did with that other Hand, there, Brother..... :D :D

Oh. Apparently THAT was when the belly dancer appeared. My bad. :P


*eyes the dollar mud threw at Ungarr just now*

*wonders whether that's enough to make a difference*

Selected quotes from this weekend in Kansas City:

"Spank me with smoked salmon."

"Who hasn't signed the weiner yet?"

"Just pretend you're opening a jar of fudge."

Oh, I forgot. We have the Weinermobile. (I'll take a photo.) It is signed by Dave and Ridley and I think we got it via Cat R. We have all signed it now and it looks like I will be taking it on its further journeys to Florida and points north. Punkin, I'll send you an email, but you might expect a couple of blogits sometime in mid/later July. :)

I'm not sure if I can type why I'm laughing so hard.

Mr. Hands just tried on gjd's platform heels.

I think maybe I've had "enough beer" now, Dave. gjd says that she is scarred forever by my service in stretching her shoes so that they fit properly.

that shoulda been WHILE I was laughing.

see, I couldn't type...

What's this "going to sleep" nonsense?! It's only 1:40 am! Plenty of beer left in the fridge!

*sigh* Glad y'all had a fun Saturday night!

I need brain bleach.

You know how the saying goes about how you never know how someone truly feels until you've walked a mile in their shoes? Well, Clean Hands (he's plural again, having washed his hands after his last trip to the potty) has just sashayed across the hotel floor in gjd's strappy platform espadrille sandals. I have NO idea what that means.

I actually started that last post some 20 minutes ago....

New quote:

"Oh, I'm just cleaning off corn." *snork*

*an eerie silence descends*
They must have all been arrested.

What do you think, Nurse Tammy, is now the time for a seriously loud racket?

I vote we persuade a brass band to visit.

it's always a good idea to clean off corn.

brian: great to you meet you ;) and also ann if she ever reads the blog, which she doesn't. but you can tell her, ms! ;) also please please please send me the picture of the cute kilted guy with the hat that i took with your camera :)

why am i up this early?

Wouldn't want them to be late for church 'n' stuff, you know.

I'd better check to see if I have enough for bail and some extra strength Tylenol for my darling brother... (I get to smack him with the bottle)

NT - I'll see if they'll let me drop a bottle as my flight from San Fran passes over.

I'll know to release it when I see the corn zone.

Woah. What a couple of great parties!
There's all this talk about alleged pictures. Are there any you are willing to share in this venue when your bail's been posted?

Signing off. Cheers, all!

Maybe the bail will wait until they cough up the photos...

*taps foot, looks at watchcalendar, waits for her turn to sign the Weiner*

Happy Pet Parent's Day!

You know who you are...

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