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April 22, 2009


Woman bares chest to deputy during DUI stop

Needless to say, she already has a Florida driver's license.

(Thanks to s2per)


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Well that usually works.

Also, we won't be making fun of Ms.Adcock. Nope.

usually works for me.

Pictures, ladies, we need pictures!


Ok, Allen...sheesh. This is the last time I FLASH you.

while the deputy waited for backup, "felt it necessary" to expose her chest, a report states.

NTTAWWT - after all, it was pretty warm that day.

She had just been in an accident. She was only trying to see if her headlights were OK.

Wow Siouxie, I had no idea you were so. So. So.

I really can't say it.

"And following the collision her saline bags deployed."

Don't knock it. I got out of a couple of speeding tickets this way. Of course, this being a small town, I got stopped a lot after that. Never could figure that out.

It is virtually impossible to form an opinion on this story without further legal details, such as: is she hot or not?

I tried to get out of a speeding ticket that way and they just laughed at me and then administered the field sobrity test.

I Guess I need implants

Cindy that sounds like both you and the police were profiling.

Maybe Sharkie, but I do have a clean driving record.

Jeez, first those firefighters, now this... Those first responders have all the fun!

Hairy, wiredog?? ;-P

Dan, maybe in San Franfrisko?? (NTTAWWT)

"Officer, is this some kind of bust?"

"Yes ma'am. It's very impressive."

Siouxie, I use to work a lot in SF. I dropped my wallet once and ended up kicking it all the way back to the Hotel. (NTTAWWT), just not taking any chances.

Siouxie, you vixen, I know you can't resist flashing me from time to time! How'd you know I liked redheads?

LOL Dan. I hear ya.

Allen, as you can see, the carpet matches ;-P

*Bats eyelashes @ Allen*

*gets eyelash stuck in eye*


Allen, I've always heard that redheads were just blondes who's brains had gotten rusty. As a true redhead I took a fence (?)..... I didn't like the remark.

*picturing Cindy doing a red hair flip*...

Are we all redheads here? Mine doesn't flip though (supercurly). But it bounces!

Actually - I'm only a redhead (or blonde) when I get bored with my naturally brown locks. At the moment, it's brown with highlights.

Figures, I swear off redheads after getting my heart torched a few times and now the blog is filled with flame-dames.

I've never met a stupid redhead. Manipulative, yes, but never stupid. I'll go off to the corner before I get into more trouble.

Sharkie and Wayne, well, flame-dame, I kinda like that! Manipulative, hmmmmmm, 5th on that... And to think we started by talking about bare chests but got off THAT topic somehow - hope it's not cuz we're gettin too old!

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