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April 25, 2009


Apparently the most confusing words in the English language are "Please have your boarding pass ready."


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It becaomes more confusing the closer one gets to the front of the line.

speaking of, FIRST

This falls in with people standing in line at the grocery store who watch all of their groceries being checked out and bagged and THEN decide to look and see if they have any money to pay for them.

I agree. And then...they decide to pay with a CHECK. AFTER they rummage through their huge bag of crap to find THE coupon that doesn't match any of the items in their cart.

Um...Good morning ;-) Coffee?? Donuts?

One of my personal favorite acts of confusion at the airport is when I'm standing next to a wall with two feet high letters over my shoulder indicating the airline I work for and a passenger walks up to check in for a competitor's airline.


Lord have mercy, Dave, five posts and it's not even 9 a.m. yet!? What did they put in your coffee? (And can I have some?)

The people who don't understand those words are likely the same folks who are completely shocked and unprepared for the fact that they have to pay for their groceries at the end of their checkout. At which time they start looking for their checkbooks. And write a check. And are then shocked and unprepared that a photo ID is necessary. And then they fumble to find their ID, etc


These are the people at Walmart who have reached an advanced age without learning to count to 20.

Don't forget about the line at the drive-through ATM.

I'm just mad they didn't tell me I can't take my gun on the plane. What sign?? No sense of humor!!

People see the " Make sure the yellow side is in front and the brown side is in the back " sign first and they get all flustered.

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