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April 22, 2009


On May 11 I'm going to be interviewing Mr. Steve Martin about his new banjo album, The Crow, at an event to benefit the Los Angeles Public Library. Here's the info, which I believe is accurate, except the part about me playing the bass. (Or, for that matter, being a musician.)


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Oh, lucky you!

Ask him if he's been practicing his cat juggling?

That Earl Scruggs clip was great!

No m'ville. Lucky Steve Martin. Wish I could see this show. NC is just too far.

Dave, is there a way for those here to contribute to the library charity that night?

Will Tom Jones be there?

Trying to figure out which pair of boxers to throw on the stage Steve?

*tosses granny panties comma over to cindy*

That is way cool, Dave.

That looks awesome!

Let's get small!

Dave and Steve: Two wild and craaaazy guys!

I hate to name drop but Earl Scruggs is from my little town of Shelby, NC. In fact on our welcome sign it says "Welcome to Shelby, Home of Earl Scruggs". I've seen him many times and he is a wonderful banjo player. Maybe Steve Martin will come to Shelby and play for us sometime with Earl. I hope they bring the Rock Bottom Remainders with them.

Cool! My dad will be thrilled. His favorite thing about Steve Martin is that Steve is a fellow banjo player!

I saw this on his website. After the event in LA...

"Then it’s on to the Rubin Museum in New York for three sold out shows (it only seats 125 people), performing again with the Rangers, but minus Dave Barry who seems to think he has better things to do than interview me."

Man, I wish I could be in LA that night.

should be a fun event. wish *I* were going ;)

p.s. i added a 1992 cover story about the Erie Sailors (the Marlins farm team, then) to the misccol page on db.com, in case anyone's interested.

Dave could sit in with them, then they could bill themselves as "Jester's Flat and Earl Scruggs".

If Dave's doing the interview, who's gonna live-blog it? Judi? Annie? Telecomm? [insert name of other SoCal-based bloglits here]

FINALLY Dave comes to LA ! Not sure if we can go yet - we have a family obligation that night, but thinking of blowing it off to go. They won't even miss us - there's gonna be a TON of other family there, right ? And I can ship the present, right ? And maybe order pizza to be delivered, rather than my usual potluck contribution, right ? Heck, they'd probably prefer that, right ? Shall I keep justifying, or do you think I'm done ???

Just go, Tel!! sheesh!

Annoying little booger, aren't I ?

Wow! That is going to be one great show. By the way, I have seen the Steep Canyon Rangers. They are great. Wish I could go.

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