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March 07, 2009


...to vote for Space Node Buddy.


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No node
No node, node no no node
No, no node
No, node, no node
No node, no node
No node, no node, no node no
No node, no
Node buddy can do the
CUPOLA, like I do
Node buddy can do the
GALAXY, like I do,
Node buddy can do the
UNITY, like I do,
Node buddy can do the
HARMONY, like I do...

(Anybody make that crack yet? I hope not. I've got blisters on my fingers.)

PS Off topic - Peter and the Starcatchers today - yay!

Tossing the cookies definently doesn't work...

I have done my part. Like my ACORN friends, I vote early and often.

I have voted for Buddy once again. To node, node, node him is to love, love, love him. And I do.

Danny, you are prescient. I have been thinking about Phil Spector lately. Don't ask why.

Had to come here to recover my composure after reading Gene Weingarten's latest column:


Hint: not a humor column.

When you vote and enter the verification letters, the Node 3 website leaves a cookie on your computer. If you then find and delete the cookie that ends with @polls.nasa.gov/, that will enable you to vote again once you've refreshed the Node 3 webpage, and all your other cookies remain in place. Kind of tedious, but we're talking about Buddy here, people.

Note - you can't set your browser to not accept the cookie when you vote. The Node 3 website won't accept your vote in that case. (Yes, I tried).

Alright. You know your mission.

I did my part, although I seriously doubt that NASA will approve any name not on their list. :(

Node 'Buddy' knows the trouble we've seen.

Marilyn - Please don't ever link to such things again. I can't take it.

If you happen to have another browser installed on your computer like Safari, Chrome or Firefox besides IE, you can vote once per day in each of the browsers without having to go in and erase cookies. Buddy needs all the help he can get. NASA ignored him completely in the Colbert story on Fox.

I still cannot vote for Buddy,no matter what I try.I was voting with no problem and then POW!!!!KNOCKED OUT.!!!!!

ron, if you use Internet Explorer as your browser, try searching on your computer for a cookie file whose name ends with " @polls.nasa.gov/ "

Also, since you seem to be having issues with NASA's webpage, look for any other nasa.gov cookies.

Delete those cookie files, and then go back to the Node 3 voting page. Refresh that page, and it should allow you to suggest a name and vote again.

If it does allow you to vote once, you'll have to repeat the whole process each time you want to vote again.


Node, node, node your vote..

One more for the Budster.

Meanie,---I ate every cookie I could find and all I've accomplished so far is to have this blog forget who I am so I have to type in name and email address each time I post.There still is no way to vote .Cookies are enabled.Something computerish is happening that only it knows about and I just have to find it's secret.My next computer is going to have donuts.Those little small ones that are coated with powdered sugar.

Not to be negative, but, if there have been 270,000 votes or suggestions, and let's say that 200,000 of those were votes and that Serenety received 85% of the 200,000 votes (170,000) then Buddy has a long way to go....better get the word out

Serenity's 85% must be among the five NASA-chosen names, not the percentage of all voted/suggested names. When Fox reported on the Colbert uprising on Friday, Serenity had 66,000 out of about 169,000 votes tallied, but NASA was still reporting Serenity at 86% then.

Colbert was reported at 29,000 at that time, ahead of the other four NASA names that were showing 4 to 6% each.

With another 100,000 votes in the bank and the NASA rankings and voter-suggested rankings still relatively the same as Friday, it's still a huge deficit for Buddy to overcome, but it's not as huge as Dale suggests.

Dale is right, though, that the word needs to get out for Buddy, or it won't happen. Colbert, Xenu, Serenity and other names are being networked all over the internet (google "Node 3 name" if you want to check). (Yes, even "Manilow")

Sorry, meant to say four NASA-chosen names, not five.

" Galvanized Garbage Can With Sky-view Windows "

An excellent second choice!

Just voted Buddy on 3 browsers today (Firefox, IE and Chrome)

Clearly the Pulitzer-Prize Winning Journalist should write a column about this rigged voting system to draw attention to the matter.

We need to point out to the Top Node Dude(brian.dunbar@nasa.gov) that after that loony astronaut in a diaper fiasco, they really don't want to be affiliated in any way whatsoever with Serenity. Same deal with Colbert, only he's more #2 than #1. As for Xenu, that sounds like a sneeze. Sneeze hard enough, and you'll need a Serenity pad.

This has been your spin lesson for the day.

AWbH - I also believe NASA's website has been hijacked by SpamBots, as some of the top 10 write-ins are MyYearbook and SocialVibe. I wonder if NASA will approve if they win.

FINALLY managed to vote for space polyp node Buddy.

Of course 'TAXPAYER' would be a good name also...

No luck. It won't let me vote. I blame Colbert. And Vista.

I am looking for name suggestions for my newest dog.......Anyone??? (Not Buddy, Thanks)

Mo Faux. Deeogee.

Buddy's just dandy. Truly it's a Buddy, Buddy Buddy world.

But..... Xenu just screams unwanted attention for an evil bloodsucking criminal cult.

If I cared only for myself, I'd surely be voting for Buddy.

But I"m voting in support of the thousands of victims of this cult.

I'm voting for freedom. I'm voting for Xenu!

Because it's the right thing to do.

Boo David.

What kind of a dog is it, Mo?

Deleting cookies works! I had more than one that needed deletion. Search cookie list for all containing "nasa."

Mo'F: Sex Tub

We just named our dog - a mellow to the point of being near comatose yellow lab - "Duffy".

This is an 'omage to both Duff of Ace of Cakes, and Duff beer. Hubby wanted to name him Homer because he's yellow, fat & sits on the couch all day.

I just couldn't.

Things are looking dire for Buddy. He's going against Colbert Nation. We're talk about a blog vs. nation battle here. But, on the bright side it could be worse. It could be Node Hannity.

Does it bother anyone else that NASA's percentages total up to 101%?

Didn't think so....

Hah. The spacedudes are watching - they just corrected their percentages.

*Cues eerie music*

Voted again. You'd think name-use costs would deter them from 'Serenity' or 'Colbert' or 'Xenu.'

Does '24' ever celebrate Daylight Savings? (psst, that's your hint to 'spring forward.' You're welcome.)

I have fulfilled by duties as a citizen for today. I now intend to drink beer for the rest of it.

Without objection it is so ordered.

*staggers up to previous post to remove b and replace with m in only four tries*

cowhand - I thought you were drinking 'meer.'

OT/ A branch of the company I used to work for funnelled retirement money to Madoff. They were kind enough not to pay me enough to afford retirement, so I didn't anything. That I know of. And no, I'm not surprised.

Saw 'Peter and the Starcatchers' yesterday. Pure fun, fun, fun. Go, go,go! (It closes today).

so every now and then, someone chooses to update a profile...

and this is a good thing.

She calls herself Cat R, but you can just call her "Buddy."

Attention bloglits: More competition. I hope you're doing your job!

hey Wyo, long time no see! I'm still plodding around the country trying to decide where to settle.

Buddy: Clinton's dog.
Hope: Clinton's hometown.
Socks: Died last month.
Barry: My Opera vote for today.

Can't we just shoot this thing into space already??

"Myyearbook"? edges out our Buddy!!

What the he*l is going on? I would guess someone has some sort of computerized, illegal, under-the-table Islamofaschist voting thingee.

Dave, we gotta get us one of those!

I have put the call to arms out on my meager facebook page. Go Buddy!

Socialvibe and Myyearbook are both teen websites, neither of which I had ever heard of before this Node 3 exercise. They are competing with each other to see which of them can knock Colbert and Serenity out of the box. Apparently, Socialvibers are ticked because they feel like they thought of it first and that Myyearbook is copying them. From the couple of threads I saw at each site, neither of them is aware that Dave/Buddy had the idea to tweak NASA's grandiosity before they did and before Colbert did.

We're up against a motivated and web-intensive crowd here, folks. They both seem determined to get to the top, and they're getting results.

We need them on our side - any ideas, anyone?

Did you try asking them? It might work.

That occured to me. I might, but, unlike this blog, you have to be a "member" of these websites in order to comment on their posts. I'm a teen several times over, and my joining might not be welcomed.

Also, one of the sites seems to be about more than just social networking, and has an active charitable and social improvement mission that they believe can be promoted by a Node 3 Name success. It might be tough to convince those folks of the merits of voting for Buddy.

Slinks in®

Thanks, Wyo.

Well, I just logged in to vote for Buddy, and, unlike my previous attempts, I got the captcha right the first time (case sensitive), and it accepted four -- count 'em --- four! votes from me with four different captchas in some sort of burping captcha loop, but then I geeked out and went to check the percentages, and...

... then the results page said "voting results temporarily disabled", and so I tried to go back and vote some more with the mystical looping accepting captchas, but...

...it won't let me.


Oh, well. For a magical minute there, I got four votes in, and was quite a happy camper. I hope they stuck.

On another note, I miss the daytime blogging *snif!*, but my new job keeps me at my keyboard but off the internet. I try to catch up in the evenings, and I hope to join you for "24" tomorrow.

'Niters, blogits! And GO BUDDY!

Slinks out®

This morning I was able to vote for Buddy for the first time in several days.I have been unable to discover why I was denied.


*Time to activate Crisis Mode - Dave must write a column!*

And this blog is much the poorer for losing your daytime participation, Cat.

See you after dark.

(Terrific pic, BTW.)

Voted Buddy.
Will speak to teenager about Myyearbook conspiracy.
Agree with Guin.

WTF?? HOW is it possible that Buddy is now #4?? I've been voting and erasing the cookies and voting again. You'd think nerds teens some people have nothing better to do!

OH yeah...Meowwwwwwwwww awesome picture, Cat!

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