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March 30, 2009



(Thanks to blunt hobo)


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Hey, he looks just like my Uncle Fracas.

Is this your cousin, then, Lairbo? He bears the faily resemblance.

Apparently pooch poaching makes your hair fall out.

HE bears it, that is...

Is he single???

Cindy wants to know.

That's not natural male pattern baldness. That's a skid mark.

Hey, I must be losin' it.

Ya know, you can pretty much turn him around and he looks about the same.

Meanie, I was going to say "what a bunch of clowns" but I guess I won't now.

So, what we have here is a purloined pooch?

A hound heist?

A canine caper?

Looks like a member of the rap group Insane Clown Posse, but without the makeup.

I have no words.

I would have bet his last name woulda been Hatfield.

yeah, i dated him once.

cg, that's proof that alcohol is a very, very powerful drug.

What light socket did this guy stick his finger in? It wa located at a stadium, I suspect.

Krusty the Clown?

We weren't related, Meanie, but I did once know a guy who went on to become Bozo in Chicago for many years. Joey D'Oria (ck sp).

Q: You were not shot in the fracas?
A: No, I was shot midway between the fracas and the navel.

Q: So, after the anaesthetic, when you came out of it, what did you observe with respect to your scalp?
Q: I didn't see my scalp the whole time I was in the hospital.
Q: It was covered?
A: Yes. Bandaged.
Q: Then, later on, what did you see?
A: I had a skin graft. My whole buttocks and leg were removed and put on top of my head.

Siouxie!!!! I can't believe you said that. I will say though that there is no way that guy is only 42 years old. Also this is poor reporting. What kind of dog was it?

Bil Keane's "Family Fracas," appearing soon in a newspaper near you. A welcome change after all these years. Jeffy stealing dogs. Just follow the dotted line to his crimes.

Ah, Family Fracas.

Haha.. He's cool, man!

anyone else related to this group should disavow knowledge and move away from there. they say californee is the place to be.

This guy is out there and yet Sean Penn is playing

No wonder Hollywood gets it wrong.

Is that you Bozo?

When good clowns go bad...on the next Oprah.

"When you're down here with me, you'll float, too."

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