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February 24, 2009


A man dressed as a slab of beef stood in the middle of a Hong Kong street Monday to advertise a restaurant. Hong Kong’s inflation rate rose to 3.1% in January from 2.1% the previous month, according to government figures. (Bobby Yip/Reuters)

From this site, which has some cool photos. (Assuming people still say "cool.")

(Thanks to Bruce)

UPDATE: And then there is this.

(Thanks to catmanmax)


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I hear train motion makes girls horny.

Someone should punch Meatman a couple of times until he pukes.

We still say, "cool".

Nice pictures.

Reminds me of the Loony Tunes cartoons when someone would be looking at a character and realize they were edible...

In other news, a man dressed in a chicken outfit while the Padres won a baseball game.

Naaah, that makes more sense than the WSJ caption.

"That Terry Aki is certainly an A-1 employee."

So if you toss a meatball with this guy are you playing with your food?

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