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February 07, 2009


Now they're sacking jelly-wrestling leaders.

(Thanks to Matt Filar, Horace LaBadie and DavCat)


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"sucking all the fun out of the workplace"

Welcome to reality, buddy.

That does suck. Sorry to hear corporate 'fun nazis' have made it all the way to Anarctica.

Is "pole" dancing ok?

Nudity isn't a word you normally associate with Antarctica.

Raytheon is the contractor or the National Science Foundation in Antarctica. Prior to that, it was Antarctica Support Associates.

I worked for 6 contracts for both, and I can tell you this: Raytheon has made a debacle of the situation. They've imported "group think", management by mandate and make decisions far, far way that impact the life and safety of those working on ice.

Consider the isolation, the 6 day work weeks 10-12 hours a day. People are people, and they need to blow off a little steam.

It's chilling, indeed. Play by Ratheons rules or feel their wrath.

I hope to go back - when Raytheon is gone.

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