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January 24, 2009


We have a ring and a foot.

This has been Today's Toilet-Rescue Briefing.


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Glad to know the little girl was still attached to the foot when the rescue occurred.

First to snicker at the sidebar: "Richard Simmons: Fitness Guru and Paintball Fanatic".

Rats! Missed it by " " that much.

Sorry, Richard ;-)

Hilarious photo in the article linked from the first:

Someone should hold a caption contest.

Deah, I would really appreciate it if, in the future, you would remove your ring before plunging your hand into the toilet bowl.

re: RTW's:

"The former President plays a large Air Conga."

Nah, CJ. He's doing the WAVE.

I told you not to play with your foot.

Was it a ro-fro?

I've heard of a club foot, but this must be even rarer.

[Note the name of the town where this occurred]

Girl’s foot in the loo
Mom calls, firefighters save her
Rescued in Haikou

Kinda makes ya wonder what was so valuable that she would risk that ring to grab onto in the first place. Some people are REALLY anal retentive, I guess.

End of story.
No, really.

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