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January 22, 2009


"It was simply a nut-free zone."

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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And now that he's been fired it is officially a "nut free zone" for the first time since his employment.

Well, maybe it was "nut" free after they fired that Macadamia.

Marg, I swear your comment wasn't there when I posted!

He denied being in possession of any nuts that day.
Sorry, Siouxie - he's married.

*snork* Annie - my thought EXACTLY !

we tried to make our office a nut -free zone, but the nuts keep coming to the office.

Guess Oprah's boyfriend can get a job at this place.

Technically, peanuts are not nuts. They are legumes. So, this guy was not lying. They didn't ask him if he had been in possession of legumes. Nor do the company's posted regulations prohibit legumes in the workplace. In any case, such a regulation would violate the accused's Second Amendment right to bear legumes, ipso facto, a priori and so there. Move to dismiss. With prejudice. Or without. We could go either way. Anyway, it's lunchtime. Move to the cafeteria.

No peanuts here. Move along, move along.

Does Barbara Boxer lose it if you feed a polar bear a peanut ?

cosanostradamus, very true. he was completely legit. we will be seeing it in another of those wacky supreme court cases any day now. won't surprise me.

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