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January 27, 2009


TWO sheep's heads were thrown at two pubs before the Forest-Derby clash on Friday, police have confirmed.


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That really gets my got.


I guess the 2 teams were going head to head

Goat got your goat?

I'm really confused.One sheep's head at each pub,or two sheep's head at each establishment?It makes a difference in the number of dead sheep,you know.

Isn't judi's "child" over there? Hmmmm....

The sheep in the photo looks like he may have spent a bit of time at the pub, too.

Be on the lookout for two headless sheep.

What did the pubs do to rile these folks up?

I used to play Sheepshead in college. It was less violent than this. Usually.

That's not a sheep, meanie@11:35. That's Pat Paulson.

Or, annie@12:35pm, one headless two-headed sheep.

Muttons for punishment?

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