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January 02, 2009


Yeah, that's the ticket.

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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So, do you want your mate to be promiscuous?

So wouldn't one want the biggest bat brains to also produce and distribute the most sperm? I mean if one were in charge of evolution.

It goes without saying that "Outrageously Big Testes" WBAGNFARB.

*WAVES @ H ammie!!!*

Reading the blog headline I thought it would be about a new Broadway play for those who thought the songs in "Cats" didn't hit enough high, screechy notes.

So big testes + small brains = aimless swarming around in the dark, bumping into things?

Yep...that sounds about right.

Is going to start using the insult "dingbat" much more now.

It's shrinkage!

Evolutionary trade off: brain or sperm.
We are doomed.

Sort of like hybrids/SmartCars vs SUVs and jacked-up pickups with rubber testicles hanging from the hitch, eh?

Haven't we all known guys like this?

Ok....blog-guys line up!

*gets out measuring tape...using the centimeter side*

it's from fox news! is it fair and balanced??

Holy Statistical Fluke, Batman!

I Google-imaged bat testes. Kind of wish I hadn't.

See for yourself.

so if the bat testes aren't 'fair and balanced' do they fly around in circles?

do they wobble to and fro?

Cat, uh...no.

When an apple fell on Newton's head, he thought of gravity.

What the hell were these guys thinking? Did they get bat-smacked twice in the dark and say, why did that one hurt me more than the other one?

And yay, Siouxie finally got posted!

Well humans do on average have smaller testicles than chimpanzees, but bigger ones than gorillas.

Doctor: "Ok, now turn your head and cough."

Bat: "SQUEAK!"

Doctor: "Oops. My hands are cold today. Sorry."

It's all the females fault. I know that when I'm around promiscuous females my brain is less in control than my testes.

In species with promiscuous females, the males had evolved larger testes but had relatively small brains.

In species where the females were faithful to their mates, the correlation was reversed.

Well hellooooooo, ladies...


Siouxie, I knew you'd look.


He looks pretty proud of himself, eh? Pointing to it, and all.

I actually Googled "bat penis" and viola! Was that what came up (heh!) for you too? LOL

And yeah...he's saying..."I gotcher testes right here!"

Why, yes, it did.

All in the name of blog research.

Whoa! They aren't just equipped; they're fully loaded!

*eyes bat*
*bats eyes*

Siouxie - They have to be careful flying too close to tree branches. That's why you often see them hanging upside down.

*Wonders why someone with Brainy in his name would dare comment on this post*

Of all mammals, bats have the widest range of testes mass: between 0.12 percent and 8.5 percent of body mass.
An adult human male having a testes mass of 8.5% would have approx. 14 lbs of testes!!

We're gonna need a bigger cup.

Brainy, I can SO picture that happening LOL

could someone read this to me? I'm too dumb..

Nice try, Jazzzz. Unfortunately, we know you're quite smart.

Remember the monthly pictures of "Bat-Boy" the Enquirer used to run? Just wondering...

So much for the "dreaded" BWS (Bat Wing Syndrome).

lol @ meanie

*checks pants*
"Dang. I had better be a genius."

Thanks, Dr. Doug. You always have good information.

...So do you think that particular bat had a 'fluffer', or is that a steady-state condition?

All I know is when I watch "The Daek Knight" now I begin to laugh at the mention of the "Bat Pod".


hello thanks

Oy, the "little" bat is circumcised,

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