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January 25, 2009


Batman Fighting Arrest In Court

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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FRIST to make sure I never take my superhero costume to Florida.

Maybe Mr. Nichols should be glad he lives in Florida and not Thailand?

Well he seems harmlessly psycho.

There's a law saying you can't wear masks in public???

*keeps her masks locked up with her whips & chains...just in case*

♫♫ Na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na na ♫♫


I would think that Bruce Wayne could afford a better lawyer.

WWTLRD?HINT:[What would the Lone Ranger do?

Because clearly everyone should run around wearing masks. That would totally make law enforcement that much easier.

"Every time I go down there, me and my friends get dirty looks. My friends, meaning, my friend that dresses like Robin."

NTTAWWT. Just sayin'.

They didn't even let him stop by the bank and make a 'withdrawal?' Heathen cop-child!

Some people just need masks. I don't think too many other than the police would object to him being given a special exemption.

Halloween must be a busy night in Tampa.

All hail the weirdness magnet.

Sitting on the curb of the street
He's just tryin' to wolf down something to eat
Noshing his yellowfin
That he washes down with gulps of Kirin
Sitting on the curb of the street
Doin' time

Did they send up the Unagi Signal?

Eating sushi in a mask -- that's how I California-roll.

What do you mean "we", Wasabi?

This is just another guy who took a hard shot to the head and when they asked him his name, he said:


It is illegal in Washington State to allow a woman to give a ride to an able bodied man. The fine is $2.00.

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