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January 27, 2009


Pork chops leave a trail of mystery

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Maybe Porky tried to beat the train through the crossing...?

Something isn't kosher about that incident.

They were trying to re-enact the battle of Pork Chop Hill.

maybe they should leave some airline food.... that'll discourage anybody.

An exploding pig.Happens all the time.

this little piggy went to pieces.

yeah don't let the dog eat strange meat.


i probably stop him from licking the tuna too.


Butcher to new employee: I said "pig entrails", you dope!

Has anyone seen the Three Little Pigs today? Last time I saw them, they were running off with Chicken Little. Something about the sky falling.

I suspect fowl play.

They won't let the dogs eat the pork, but I bet they won't stop them from eating their own poop.

Maybe the perp placed the porkchops to lure predatory animals to the trail as an appetizer to eat canines ... or humans ... Anybody else thinking that?

Snork at Meanie.

I think it was just a part of this advertising campaign.

Nearby they found a shredded sock and some button eyes strewn around so they also want to know who scattered Lamb Chop on the trail.

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