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January 23, 2009


The case of the "The monkey got out of the cage" text message has been solved.

(Thanks to catmanmax)


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When was texting nonsensical messages outlawed? I get at least 5 of them a day, and I don't even do any texting to anyone else. I want to prosecute too.

The rooster crows at midnight.

Orlando is in Gainsville?

I had one grunch but the eggplant over there.

John Meanie has a long mustache.

Did the minkey have a bimb?


*Goes for a trim*

The dog ate mother's toes.

Bush was a very good president.


The Cock (not that cock, you sickos) Crows at Midnight.

I really should read the previous posts first.

Was it spanked?

The monkey throws s**t.

"touch my monkey!"

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