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January 24, 2009


Key Excerpt: Ross went on to ask a stunned Cruise if he passed wind while sharing a bed with wife Katie Holmes.


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Making a mental note to be wary of what I buy on ebay.

Me too, Alien!

Silly reporter. Everyone knows that aliens do not fart. I meant to put a strike-through in there but it ain't working!

Scientologists do not believe in humans rectally expressing themselves. Katie learned that the hard way and spent a night on the sofa.

Maybe he's a scientootogist! Hey it's possible.

I thought Stuttering John Melendez went to work for Leno.


"Tom, did you make that smell?"

"What did I tell you before?, It was one of the defeated minions of Xemu, trying to latch onto your brain through your intestine and disrupt your engrams."

"That Xemu sure likes Mexican food."

"Yes, if L. Ron Hubbard hadn't invented 'beano' we'd be back in the dark ages."

Here's the interview on video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nAhVqDPFsM
So good to have "Wossy" back

also, a great bit on Tom's movies at about 1:30

well, does he??

LOL! My "alien" comment was supposed to go on the post about the ring and the foot! My gin!

Obama's President. Gas doesn't smell anymore.

I feel the need ... the need for Bean0!

Someday ROSS/CRUISE will win an Oscar.

*snork* at elon

"if an operating thetan level 3 does it, it's not illegal!"

Good thing he didn't break into "You've lost that loving feeling" or "Playin with the boys". If the latter, the world's collective gaydar would've been pinned. NTTAWWT.

Merely "passed wind?" Katie's lucky if Tom wasn't playing "Old Time Rock and Roll" with his flatulence.

He's probably dancing around in his frickin' underwear while wearing sunglasses indoors, too...

Sphincter Wide Shut, Tom's latest movie.

i'm with crossgirl. WHAT IS THE ANSWER?

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