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December 22, 2008


A TERRITORY businessman who pleaded not guilty to possessing  more than 70 ecstasy tablets told Darwin Magistrates Court he thought they were birth control pills for his dog.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Darwin was wrong. No evolution there, no sirree.

But I guess there can only be evolution if animals are allowed to breed. And who'd breed with THAT guy? Huh, Annie?

He was trying to get it to stop eating his homework.

Of COURSE they were for the dog. Guilty. Next case...

Steven James Dwyer, 48, pleaded guilty to possessing a traffickable amount of methamphetamine

"We chatted, (& chatted, & chatted, & chatted,
& chatted) about them... we kept talking, (& talking, & talking, & talking, & talking) about dogs and how he bred her," Dwyer said.

"And then we talked, (& talked, & talked, & talked,
& talked) about his female coming on heat." (Whew!)

You see, your Honor, that bitch is a slut.

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