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December 31, 2008


Britain hunting lovelorn beaver

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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"Using the scent from one of the female beavers, we'll be able to catch the male beaver fairly quickly. He mentioned that this has been successful with many species, including men."

He owns 24 beavers and they're all males? I know about the "No sex, we're British" thing, but if they're trying for re-population, shouldn't they re-think this?

"The six-stone (84-pound, 38-kilogramme) animal escaped from the Upcott Grange Farm in the county of Devon back in October, along with two females who were recovered soon after from a nearby lake."

They aren't all males.

From the British Redundancy and Duplication Office: "Boxes that smell of females"

I hesitate to think of the lengths one could go to with this much material.I don't dare to start commenting for fear that I might not be able to stop.

Consider this for starters:My first recorded ancestor married into the Gow Clan.I'm sure she had a beaver.

Ladies and Gents...give it up for "The Runaway Beavers"!!

"scent of a beaver"? (wbagnfa nature film?)

I love the smell of beaver in the morning.

Layzeeboy said, "I love the smell of beaver in the morning."

Or in the evening, or at noon, or at midnight,....

*exerting tremendous self-control*

*wants to link just ONE MORE TIME in 2008*

*not linking*

*snapping fingers*

"...a giant beaver on the loose..."


"Ward, you've been a little hard on The Beaver..."

I,personally, have never had a problem with a lovelorn beaver.

"And his owner reckons there's only one thing that can lure the lovelorn rodent back into captivity: the scent of female beaver."

I'm guessing the scent of female beaver has lured many lovelorn individuals into captivity. Whether they were mice or men, of course, remains to be determined...

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