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December 07, 2008


The campaign is finally getting into full swing, so don't miss out. Order your bumper stickers now!


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Please seek medical help if surging continues for more than four months.

the electoral college doesn't meet until the 15th! perhaps they can be gotten really, really drunk persuaded to see reason and go for dave!

I don't see no steeenking bumper stickers.

My bumper is still proudly displaying the sticker.

judi, I think it's time for a raffle or a caption contest so you can finally get rid of give out those useless valuable stickers. Just in time for Christmas Hannukah Kwanzaa the winter solstice holiday season.

If the Supreme Court decides to hear the suit about Obama's eligibility, and decides that he doesn't qualify as a natural-born citizen, then that would mean over 300 electors are no longer pledged to Obama. Only 268 of them have to be convinced to vote for Dave, which seems like a pretty easy hurdle.

Interesting that there would be a sudden groundswell of interest in selling off campaign materials just as McClatchy is putting the Herald up for sale...

MM, if the Supremes hear that case and have smoked enough of something to actually rule in favor of the plaintiff, it would have the effect of also disqualifying Washington, Jefferson, and both Adams at least, since they and their parents were all born in English colonies.

@pogo: Article II, Section 1.5 specifies "a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of" the Constitution, so there was a specific loop-hole.

When do the "50% off" prices kick in, like for Valentine's Day and Hallowe'en candy?


Pleeeese jump into the Minnesota recount fiasco stat!

Y'see ... that's the problem with this country ... from the VERY START, it's all been run on a policy of special loopholes for special people ...

Merely sayin' ... my ancestors — well, some of 'em — came over here before Washington's or Adamses' or Jefferson's ... so ... where's MY loophole?

By the by, I've created a post to move the non-funny discussion over natural-born-citizenship away from here, so as not to detract from the congratulations due to our clearly-soon-to-be-President Dave.

"Mr. Obama, I knew Dave Barry. And you are no Dave Barry."

Oh, sorry Barack. I thought you said you wanted a cabinet of ribalds.

Ay, I gotchya bumpa sticka right heah! Odetta & the Sex Pistols.

i'm in for one five!

(very cool design, Mike Weasel!)

judi - If one purchased said sticker, what would one have to do to get it autographed by the future President??? (Either Dave or Barack, I'm easy)

Mine's still on my car. I used a Sharpie to cross out 2008 and write 2012.

SW: those ARE the 50% off prices (except for the 1-4)

punkin: it won't get to you in time for christmas, but it could definitely be done. (by Dave, not Barack)

If an autograph from the Future POTUS is included on one (as a family heirloom, suitable for framing) I'd be in for five ... the other four to be utilized on various vehicles and other appropriate locations ...


(Oh, Blessed St. Judi, we entreat thee to intercede on our behalf, in this humble request ... )

I'd better order some now.

YAY ME!! I'm almost done Christmas decorating. Got the tree, put up the outside lights and did the house. Just need to finish with the tree.

Now all I gotta do is shop - the easy part.

oh yeah..I'll take 4 ;-P

*Still proudly displaying mine*

(The bumper sticker, I mean.....)

A belated thank you and remembrance to all WWII vets on Pearl Harbor Day. Rest In Peace to the fallen.

Guin, I did that too on the night of the election when it became clear that Dave would be running again. (Gotta save money wherever I can since my hubby lost his job.)

I just hope he's running for President. I recommend Jack Bauer for Secretary of Defense.

What Meanie said. Those vets and the folks who stayed home and did what was needed to support them are getting scarce.

Two of those guys, now in their late 80s, regularly kick my butt in sheep dog trials. I consider it an honor.

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