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December 18, 2008


Stay indoors.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)

We just hope this is not one of the nuclear crocodiles.

(Thanks to Bruce Webster)


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As MKJ would say....we will.

It's only been "suspected" of eating 3 dogs? Whatever happened to "innocent until proven guilty."

I hope they relocate him to the sewer under PETA headquarters. And then, y'know, kinda accidentally leave the manhole cover off.

A five foot crocodile isn't dangerous to anyone? Yeah, I'd like to see them go try to pet it to prove a point.

Time to get the machete out. I need a new pair of strappy shoes.

innnat uh, nucular?

...or licensed private owner

Please, tell me more. My pooch is getting old (knock it off, I'm not going there) and would like to enjoy some retirement. I could use a guard croc.

That's a crock, all right.

Anyone else notice that under "Related Slideshows" is "2008 Celebrity Parents"? Seems accurate to me.

Dog (the other other white meat) - It's What's for Dinner!

The crocodiles were clearly waiting for Steve Irwin to kick off before putting their plan to eradicate humanity into action.

Time to relocate him to the next life...

You got crocs and gators? Which one is meaner?

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