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December 24, 2008


A 23-year-old Mexican beauty queen and seven men were taken into custody late Monday after being found in vehicles containing weapons and cash in central Mexico, police said Tuesday.

(Thanks to Jon Harris and Allen at Division)


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Given that I come from Illinois, my immediate thought was that she was trying to purchase a US Senate seat from the governor and just needed a little extra protection since she was carrying so much cash.

Is this thing on?

Either the bot is broken and I can't see anyone, or they're all getting an early start on their eggnog.

Happy Holidays to all!

The way she's covering her face in the second photo you would think she'd never been in front of a camera before.

Much better photos here...


According to the Nuestra Belleza Mexico Web site, she is to represent Mexico in next year's Miss International contest.
Better ask her parole officer first.

Ay Caramba!!

So I guess she really didn't want world peace after all.

Dang, now Siouxie won't get to help her smooth out the rough edges on her machete juggling act.

Will she be allowed to carry her semi-auto on stage during her next pageant?
"I promise to work toward world (cha-chuk) peace."

That, and she also qualifies for Governorship of Alaska.

"I can see Russia through my gunsight!"

Concealed carry? Good luck.

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